Multi Purpose Cargo carrier with ice class
Multi Purpose Cargo carrier with ice class for sale -  IMO SHIPS


Dutch Flag - built Bodewes, Holland 2003 (yard no 622) Finnish ice 1B 4,354Dwt on 5.31m SSW Loa 89.98 / Lbp 84.98 / bm 15.2 GT/NT 3159/1789 1/1 ho/ha (split by strongbeam) 221.000cuft gr/bl 218 teus deckstrength - tt 15t/sqm - td 3.5t/sqm - hatch 1.6t/sqm 2 cr x 36ts - combi upto 70ts MAK 6M25 - 1800kw / 2514bhp Abt 11/11.5kn on abt 7t MDO Bowthruster all abt/wog Next SS/DD June 2018 Vessel is trading W Africa where inspectable. No official price guidance. Invite best outright offers.

Containers - maritime transport
cargo carrier -  tweendecker -  container carrier - 
ul.Zorge 35 344015 Rostov
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