The innovative complex mycorrhizal preparations  -  ELLITA EXIM


With perennials Mykosoil is used only once and attracts various consumer groups by its versatile nature – industrial and hobby agricultural producers, as well as city planning, sports facilities, landscape design companies, Clubs of organic farming, bio food manufacturers, greenhouses, etc. The company has evolved methods of fighting harmful insects, nematodes, mold, etc. Do you strive to increase crops yields, get engaged into organic production or are you concerned with soil pathogens? Wish to strengthen the plants’ immunity, resistance to pests, frost and/or drought? Seeking a great tool for land re-cultivation or landscaping? The scientists have a tested offer for you, totally free of chemicals! We invite you to become our trade partner in the world of innovative biotechnologies, the future of agriculture and land cultivation. Osenum not only sells, but also undertakes responsibility for the application results, provided the recommended technologies are strictly adhered to!

Natural fertilizers
Mycorrhiza -  ORGANIC FARMING -  natural symbiosis - 
Schuetzenstr. 11, 06842 Dessau-Rosslau
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