Nano 10-9 motor oil additive
A molecular coating of the engine interior based on nano technology. -  ERC ADDITIV GMBH


ERC NANO 10-9 motor oil additive forms an ultra-thin functional layer in the engine interior and thereby reduces friction, wear and sediments. It improves the oil supply for improved engine performance and lower fuel consumption. THE EFFECT Even apparently smooth metal surfaces turn out to be rough when viewed under the microscope. Friction leads to wear and higher fuel consumption. ERC NANO 10-9 Motor Oil Additive „hardens“ the metal surface by chemical means, forming a smooth protective layer on surfaces subject to high frictional stress by building up chemically active nano structures (“bottom-up”). This leads to optimum engine power and lower fuel consumption. THE ADVANTAGES AT A GLANCE - Highly effective reduction of friction and wear through chemically active NANO structures - Cleans engine and oil ducts free of deposits - Reduces noise and stabilizes oil pressure - Improves stability under load of the basic oil - Protects against oil ageing and corrosion

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