Nozzle tips for hot runner nozzles
Nozzle tips for hot runner nozzles made of titanium-zirconium-molybdenum -  PLANSEE SE


Nozzle tips for hot runner nozzles made of titanium-zirconium-molybdenum offer particularly high thermal conductivity of 140 W/mK coupled with excellent temperature and corrosion resistance. Glass fiber-reinforced plastics are exceptionally strong during processing but also highly abrasive. An optimum combination of thermal conductivity and material hardness is required. The TZM nozzle tips of Plansee are exceptionally resistant to aggression: the SHN surface hardening process. Using SHN surface hardening, we can strengthen peripheral areas and entire TZM components through the addition of a permanent, adherent diffusion layer. As a result, our customers benefit from the use of a tough, heat-resistant material with a wear-resistant surface. Surface hardening takes place during the gas phase. Coatings that we produce using the SHN process adhere better than conventional PVD or CVD layers. They perfectly replicate the surface contour of the TZM product.

Nozzles - non-ferrous metal
hot runner nozzle -  Plastic injection molding -  SHN-process - 
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