Oldtimer Performance Additive
Against rust, deposits and wear in the fuel system -  ERC ADDITIV GMBH


- for older generations of gasoline engines - protects against corrosion and deposits - enhances lubrication THE EFFECT Older-generation vehicles are often laid up for long periods after the summer season has finished. Moisture from the air and water precipitated out of the fuel then actively promote corrosion in the fuel tank, fuel lines and the interior of the engine. Old fuels can cause deposits, impairing fuel flow and injection performance. Fouled nozzles, inlet ports and valves thus impair engine performance, raise pollutant emissions and increase consumption. The introduction of low-Sulphur fuels also lessens the lubricant action on the injection and fuel system. The consequence: Increased wear. ERC Oldtimer Performance Additive protects against corrosion, increases the fuels lubricant action and prevents the formation of new deposits. It thus ensures engine reliability, combined with optimized consumption, particularly in older vehicles.

Petrol engines
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