On-site calibration of flow sensors
Calibration without interruption of supply (traceable, independent, accreditetd) -  OPTOLUTION MESSTECHNIK GMBH


Large heat and flow meters are often used continuously for decades after an initial calibration at external test benches. A recalibration of these meters within their actual operation conditions was not possible so far. In the best case scenario those flow meters are unmounted and recalibrated on an external test bench. Drawback of this method is an interruption of supply in addition to its already high costs. Furthermore, calibration conditions can differ greatly from actual operation conditions compared to test bench conditions, so even if calibrated, the measurement uncertainty in operation remains fairly unknown. This often leads to more difficult fluid distribution optimizations and leaves billing fairness to a gamble. More precisely measured values of flow sensors may uncover hidden saving potentials within the fluid distribution system and allow more exact performance indicators, improving energy efficiency.

Flow meters
On-site-calibration -  Flow meters and sensors - 
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