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In Tunisia, the main production areas of peaches are the North and the Center, mainly Manouba and Ben Arous in the North, and Mehdia and Sfax in the Center. Production is in continuous progression which offers good prospects for export. The peach fruits of Tunisia are exported to several destinations in Europe. The inside of the Saturn peach is pale yellow to white in appearance.and are usually sweeter than other peaches. Saturn peaches also known as Flat peaches, UFO peach and doughnut peach. Peach (nutritional value for 100g) Water : 88,87 g fiber : 1,5 g carbohydrates : 9,54 g sugars : 8,39 g protein : 0,91 g potassium : 190 mg phosphorus : 20 mg magnesium : 9 mg copper : 68 µg iron : 250 µg Vitamin C6 : 600 µg vitamin B5 : 153 µg vitamin B : 231 µg vitamin B : 625 µg

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