Pea starch flour Amilon
native 60 or modified 60/21 -  PARTNER-M


Pea starch flour Amilon is a natural flour with starch content of min. 60% made from dried yellow peas by the unique «green» method of the Partner-M company. Pea Amilon is produced in two forms: Amilon 60 (native) and Amilon 60/21 (modified by physico-mechanical method without the use of chemical reagents; during the modification, Amilon acquires the ability to swell in cold water). Advantages of Pea Amilon: Combines the advantages and functional properties of pea protein and pea starch; Gluten-free starch; Non-chemically modified starch; «Clean label» — does not contain E-indexes; The particle size is not more than 325 mesh (44 microns); Starch content min. 60%; Protein content 12-15%(or up to 18% for 60/21); Low glycemic index; Hypoallergenicity; Made of yellow peas, grown and harvested in ecologically clean regions of Russia; NON GMO; Due to the slow absorption of pea products, their consumption provides a longer feeling of satiety. Water absortion 1:4(for 60/21)

Starch, edible
modified starch -  food starches -  pea - 
Kalinina street, 11 249096 Maloyaroslavets
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