Pencil graphite
pencil graphite for powder metallurgy and lubricants -  BONUSTRADE


Dear partners! LLC Dealer Company Bonustrade offers carbonaceous raw material ( pencil graphite) to delivery. This kind of graphite used in powder metallurgy, for lubricants and other types of manufacturing. Our company offers such brands of graphite of the pencil Civil Code: Name GP-1 Ash-content, %, no more 1,0 2. Humidity, %, no more 1,0 3. Exit of volatiles, % no more 1,0 4. .The rest on a grid 0063, % no more 0,5 The price – contract price; Terms of payment – 100% an advance payment; Terms of delivery – EXW, Zaporizhia.

Lubricants, graphite
pencil graphite -  graphite powder -  Graphite for powder technology - 
Koshovogo St. 8 office 24 Skvortsova 237 69032 Zaporizhzhzya, Vilnyansk City
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