Perimeter Access


The new TRS 37x series of security turnstiles is designed to ensure high-security access control and pedestrian traffic management and, at the same time, provide a hassle-free user experience. Main Benefits : Single-user, un-manned automatic access control Indoor or outdoor perimeter security Safe, simple and effective equipment for demanding, prolonged use Reduced maintenance and security costs Long-term investment based on exceptional durability Ergonomics & Safety User protection conforms to UL 325 standards Smooth, silent and ease of use Safety lighting for nighttime use Orientation pictograms for intuitive process and high throughput Choice of free or secure passage in the event of a power failure Emergency key for the mechanical unlocking of obstacle Security Anti-fraud single-user throughput Access control: entry, exit or bidirectional use Sturdy rotating obstacle: all-welded construction Anti-climbing structure Mechanical locking Reliability Rust-resistant structure...

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