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China plastic injection molding factory custom plastic parts for all industries -  MING XIAO MANUFACTURING CO., LTD


We are professional Plastic injection molding factory from Ningbo China, we can custom all kinds of plastic parts,steel pins inserted plastic parts; We also out sourcing plastic profiles for our customers. Materials: Abs,POM, PVC,PC,Polyethylene,nylon 6, nylon 66, polypropylene, co-polymer polypropylene, polyester,PD-PE, NBR, ect. Finish treating: Remove burrs, chrome plating for ABS. Our capability: 250T, max lengthxwidth of parts is 600mm x 600mm. Plastic parts is very simple & popular in all industries, such as plastic cover, plastic knob,plastic bracket,plastic flange,plastic valves,plastic gears,plastic bushing,plastic base,plastic shafts,plastic mountings, plastic coupling,plastic fabrications,etc.

Injection moulding of rubber and plastic
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RM 506,#11 Bldg, Dongcheng Shuian, Zhonghe Street, Yinzhou District 315100 Ningbo
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