Plug nipple without pressure eliminator, Series B, G 1 IT
Push-in plugs without pressure eliminator, hardened, galvanised steel, female -  RIEGLER & CO. KG


Article number: 107737 Type number: 242.55 B EAN code: 4047322057028 Plug nipple without pressure eliminator, Series B, hardened, galvanised steel, G 1 IT, I.D. 20, Operating pressure max. 300 bar. Acc. to ISO 7241-1, B Series. This coupling series combines an extremely small pressure drop with maximum hydraulic power transmission. Interchangeable with all couplings and plugs manufactured according to the above standard. The patented pressure eliminator permits disconnection even if back pressure has built up (up to 200 bar). The pressure eliminator can be used in all applications where there is a risk of pressure build-up after the line has been separated. It allows effortless connection under pressure. The mating part must be pressureless in order for the eliminator to function optimally. Areas of application: chemical industry, food technology, automotive, offshore.

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