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Pool Insulation Balls The perfect solution to heated swimming pools and fish ponds With todays ever increasing energy costs, the winter months can be expensive to keep your fish happy and healthy or your swimming pool functional. Euro-Matic have developed a simple but highly effective insulation cover that is easy to install. By simply pouring a layer of Euro-matic Pool Insulation Balls onto the water surface, they effortlessly mould to any shape and form a practical and attractive cover over 91% of the surface area allowing oxygenation and thus prevent stagnation. For fish such as Koi Karp, a cover in the winter months will help retain the heat and ensure they remain active rather than dormant. Because the balls simply move, the fish can easily be fed or viewed and fish that remain above 10°C will be active all year round so continue to grow and remain healthy, below 4°C it can be fatal.

Fish, aquarium
Koi Karp -  insulation -  energy saving - 
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