Premixed adhesive and levelling INTOCOL PP LIGHT
Compliant with UNI EN 998-1 -  MALVIN SRL


Adhesive and lightweight premixed smoothener with glass balls based on hydraulic binders with high constant quality levels. The gluing and shaving of the insulating panels of polystyrene, polystyrene (also embossed), polyurethane, cork, cement wood inside and outside; The shaving of concrete surfaces, rustic, plastic and/or mineral coatings, traditional or premised plasters based on lime and cement both new and old, even if varnished, provided that in excellent condition, plasters which have lesions of Retraction, it will be made with lightened powder adhesive/wiper with glass beads, based on hydraulic binders type "Intocol PP LIGHT" Malvin S.R.L., applied by hand and kneading with the addition of water, with a consumption of 2/4.5 kg/sqm as glue and 2.5/3 kg/MQ as smoothing, with compression resistance to 28 days of category CS III.

Building materials
Adhesive and lightweight premixed -  Polystyrene - 

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