Pressure switch - F01 SAFETY
For systems with Performance Level PL d and for safety-critical applications -  (STW) SENSOR-TECHNIK WIEDEMANN GMBH


The Pressure Switch F01 fulfils the high requirements of the EN13849-1 Machinery Directive. The F01 can be used for systems with Performance Level PL d and for safety-critical applications. The F01 has an E1 approval. The F01 is available for pressure ranges from 10 to 1200 bar and has two switching outputs which switch inverted to each other. The F01 is also available with one switching and one analog output. The current output is read back by the F01 to ensure the output signal is emitted correctly. To be able to use the F01 in many applications, users can select different pressure connections. The electrical contact takes place via a 5-pole M12 connector. Through the calibration of the transmitter via temperature, a total accuracy of 1 % FS can be achieved within a range of 0...80 °C. The maximum media temperature totals +125 °C. The stainless steel parts coming into contact with media guarantee maximum media compatibility in combination with the welded thin-film measurement cell.

Measurement and regulation equipment and instruments - electricity and other energy
sensor -  pressure switch -  pressure measurement - 

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