RUF metal press
For pressing metal residues from aluminium, steel, castings, etc. -  RUF MASCHINENBAU GMBH & CO. KG


Through the process of briquetting, the value of residual metals can be increased considerably. The value of residual metals can be increased considerably. A further advantage is the recovery of expensive cutting fluids that can be pressed out of wet chips and then reused. When melting briquettes, combustion is significantly lower and results in a higher melting yield than with loose chips. Depending on the need, our briquette systems are equipped with hydraulic motors between 4 and 90 kW. They will achieve a specific pressure of up to 5,000 kg/cm². Suitable for aluminium, steel, cast iron, copper and many other metals Advantages: - Heavy reduction of volume, reducing storage and transportation costs - Recycling of expensive cooling lubricants - Recipients often pay a better price for loose millings - Minimal burn-off and increased glaze recovery thereby For throughput rates between 30 and 4,800 kg/hr.

Stamping - steels and metals
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