Reactor agitators HWL-N
Mounting Position from: top, side and bottom -  EKATO RÜHR- UND MISCHTECHNIK GMBH


"The reactor agitators type HWL-N are the most powerful agitators compared to the others in EKATO’s product range. Large sized agitators with a drive power of up to 3,500 kW, shaft lengths of more than 15 m, as well as 500 mm shaft diameters, have already been supplied. These agitators have been designed to grant highest operational safety and fulfill all valid DIN-standards to the greatest possible extents. The robust design as well as the easily and quickly replaceable mechanical seal ensure minimal maintenance costs and low operational costs. STANDARD DESIGN - Drive versions with fixed or variable shaft speeds and different gearbox types (flat-, bevel-, helical gearbox...) - Robust casted and welded lanterns available - Fast seal replacement to the top or side - Requires minimized space for maintenance - Splitted shaft design with bearing shaft and flange coupling - Optional installation from the top, side or the bottom of the vessel "

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