Rice cake machine from Korea
No.1 Manufacturer of rice cake machine in Korea -  SHINYOUNG MECHANICS CO.,LTD


The Rice Cake Popping Machine of Shinyoung Mechanics is small, but it can automatically develop products of uniform quality with exceptional performance. 1. Widened Controlling Function => It is possible to pop any kinds of materials by widened pressure control range. (Rice, Brown rice, wheat etc..) 2. Silent Operation => There are no shocks by oil pressure system and it is possible to use everywhere and anyplace 3. Automatic Production => It is possible to manufacture automatically by Microcontroller system and pushing the manufactured goods 4. Automatic Temperature Controlling => It is convenient to operate by automatic temperature controlling system from the TPR system in this machine 5. Excellent Persistence => There are no shocks and no breakdown 6. Easy adjustment => Thickness, Deep of mold & Cooking time can be adjusted by front handle 7.

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A-501/502 261 doyak-ro, wonmi-gu 420806 Bucheon
South Korea
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