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RUBBER CONCRETE JOINT SEAL CJS-F SERIES PROPERTIES; Concrete Joint Seal CJS-F Series are joint sealing profiles of seven different sizes made from Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM). Concrete Joint Seal CJS-F is used for renovation of expansion and connection joints eventually together with special adhesive. Application area is usually airport landing fields, roads, large fields made of concrete. Due to its high-quality base material Concrete Joint Seal CJS-F profiles can also be applied in areas subjected to chemical attack and/or exposed to UV. RANGE OF CONCRETE JOINT SEALS; Concrete Joint Seal- Type CJS-F6 (6mm) Concrete Joint Seal- Type CJS-F8 (8mm) Concrete Joint Seal- Type CJS-F10 (10mm) Concrete Joint Seal CJS-F profiles are installed by means of hammer and wedge or mechanically with a pneumatic chipping hammer. While choosing the right dimension of profile it should be kept in mind that the profile has to be able to create pressure inside the joint.

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