The stainless steel heating circuit distributors are complemented by an extensive accessory programme. Alongside cabinets for wall-mounted and concealed installtion, there are fittings and installation kits for the primary connection and bridging joints for the secondary side. Room thermostats and actuators alloe precise control of the room temperature. The unique pre-connected circuits, with an integrated pump, can be connected directly to the heating circuit. This makes it possible to integrate a low temperature circuit into an existing high temperature circuit. This eleminates the need for a separate hot water supply from the boiler and any works entailed. At the same time, the need for a separate hot water supply from the boiler and any works entailed are eliminated. A separate control circuit with extensive pipin g and troublesome interventions in the building structure is no longer necessary. regulating valve with internal sensor and integrated non-return valve

Heating, domestic - installations and equipment
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