STEKON fiber-reinforced plastic rebar
composite materials -  STEKLONIT JSC


STEKON fiber-reinforced polymer rebar (composite rebar) referstorods made of reinforcing fibers which are impregnated with polymer thermosetting biпding agent and hardened, with transversal or helical ribs made on surface of the rods. Typical application: footing of residential buildings, industrial strictures and other structural concepts on elastic foundations industrial flooring and open platforms for machinery hydraulic works (purification and treatment facilities, water sluices and water-draining facilities, pumping stations) bridgeworks, berthing and marine facilities tunnels structures normal and pre-stressed civil structures when constructing monolithic concrete and prefabricated buildings structural parts as individual rods retaining walls and structures load-bearing/non-loadbearing wall elements concrete elements and structures on foundation (footings, floors, slabs and etc.) bridges railroad beds fencings electric power plants, buildings and facilities involving...

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