Serialization Inline of filled boxes HSS
Serialization Inline of filled boxes - double sided seal labelling - HSS -  B+B AUTOMATIONS- UND STEUERUNGSTECHNIK GMBH


Due to increasing product counterfeiting, many manufacturers are forced to make their products tamper-proof and counterfeit-proof. There are legal requirements for this in many countries. For this task we have developed our model series HSS. The system enables single-sided and/ or double-sided printing and print data verification of pharmaceutical cartons and is designed to fulfil all current and future serialisation requirements. During development, great attention was paid to protecting the packaging and the format range of the products to be processed. In the basic version, cartons with format widths (in running direction) of 50 mm to 250 mm can be serialized at a speed of up to 350 folding cartons/minute. Models for processing wider folding boxes are based on the same system concept. A b+b LineManager controlled via a 15“ Multitouch HMI is used to operate the system.

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