Sifting balls in Natural Rubber
Balls created for the continuous cleaning of sieves without interruptions. -  ARUBIS


The blinding or build-up on vibrating screen can be a troublesome experience for any production line in the sifting industry. It is the cause of unnecessary downtime and a decrease in production numbers. Arubis offers a solution to increase production with deblinding screen cleaning balls. Great variety of compounds to fit your needs Custom sizes on demand High quality and long lifetime The most efficient way to clean and deblind sieves Cleaning balls are the easiest way to clean sieves or meshes in any type of production line. The diversity of compounds for these rubber balls ensure to deliver a solution to any specific industry. Available in a variety of compounds The Arubis screen cleaning balls come in lots of different qualities and compounds. Each come with different advantages and uses. Feel free to contact Arubis with any questions regarding the choice of compound for your industry type. Different types and shapes Deblinding balls can be produced on demand and in any...

Natural Rubber (NR) -  Neoprene (CR) -  Ethylene Propylene (EPDM) - 
Verdunstraat, 742 1130 Bruxelles (haren)
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