Static tool holders Sauter Revolver VDI 50
Static tool holder for machine type Sauter Revolver VDI 50 -  BENZ GMBH WERKZEUGSYSTEME


Static tool holders for Sauter Revolver VDI 50: EMCO Maxxturn 110 Gildemeister CTX 520 linear Gildemeister CTX 620 linear Gildemeister CTX 620 linear mit y-Achse Gildemeister CTX gamma 1250 Gildemeister CTX gamma 2000 Weiler E 110 Daewoo V 500 Gildemeister CTX 600 Gildemeister CTX 700 Heid S 500 Heyligenstaedt Heynumat 15 WFL Millturn M 60 G (Revolver) WFL WNC 500 Available in the following versions: Square locking drive radial right Turning Tool holder axial right Boring bar holder

Steels and metals - machining
Sauter Revolver VDI 50 -  tool holder -  Static tool holder - 

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