Toluene is a liquid chemical compound utilized in the manufacturing of many commercial products, including paints and glues. Colorless and insoluble in water, toluene can be dangerous when its fumes are inhaled, causing neurological damage and intoxication. Because of this, toluene is sometimes abused as an inhalant drug. Individuals who use paints and thinners frequently, like those who work with such products professionally, wear face masks in order to minimize the inhalation of toluene. Beyond its uses, however, toluene’s chemical structure is quite interesting of its own accord. Toluene demand growth in Europe is expected to be positive but low at a rate less than GDP. Demand will get a fillip in 2009 following the start-up of ExxonMobil’s new TDP unit in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry - machinery and equipment
Toluene - 
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