Transport castor L400.B10

Transport castor L400.B10 with roller bearing, attachment: plate


The transport castor L400.B10 has a fork made of zink-chromatized sheet steel and a dual-row ball bearings collar in the fork head. The castor ist attached with a plate. The wheel body and tread are made of plastic and the castor is equipped with a roller bearing. The L400.B10 is available as swivel castor, fixed castor and swivel castor with total brake with wheel diameters between 80 and 250 mm. According to the wheel diameter the overall height varies from 105 to 290 mm and the load capacity has a range from 125 to 400 kg. Alternative the castors are available with a plain bearing. For further information please visit our website at or call +49 2191 59217-0.

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