Tubes for Tying GARNTEC GMBH


Binding yarns with wire inlay Julius Glatz was 1912 inventor of the vine binding yarn. Beside the original application the binding yarn is also approved within other ranges. It is easy to handle: a grip - a trick - the binding is finished. GarnTec binding yarns are manufactured from nature-brown or colored craft papers, which are wound around the wire. The binding yarns are pollution free and biologically degradable. They are available in diameters from 0,8 mm to 3,0 mm with wire inlay between 0,38 mm and 0,7 mm. Our yarns can be delivered in cut length from 10 to 60 cm, wounded on handy rolls or according to your wishes. Range of application: Material for binder purposes - in wine growing - in fruit growing - in tree nurseries - in nurseries - at florists - in the garden - in the household As binder material for vegetables (e.g. radishes, carrots, garlic, onions)

Indoor and greenhouse plants, floristry

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Staatsstr. 5, 67468 Neidenfels
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