Turbolava 365 BAT Italian Automatic Floor Scrubber
Innovative Compact Automatic Battery Floor Scrubber the for professional areas  -  CIMEL TURBOLAVA LAVAPAVIMENTI MACCHINE A VAPORE


Automatic floor scrubber battery operated for medium size areas up to 1000 sqm. with 36 cm cleaning width with a sturdy steel frame turbolava 365 BAT is light ,manageable and easy to use a very simple machine for anybody use that offer a very good scrubbing with one rotating brushes is the ideal machine for inside and outside medium size industrial areas ,warehouses ,large restaurants garage etc.

Cleaning machines, industrial
Turbolava 365 BAT Italian automatic floor scrubber -  compact automatic battery floor scrubber -  Automatic floor scrubber battery - 

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Via Milano, 27 21040 Jerago Con Orago (VA)
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