Turbolava 40 E 230 V
Innovative, Electric Floor Scrubber Drier for Cleaning Surfaces up to 1000 sqm -  CIMEL TURBOLAVA LAVAPAVIMENTI MACCHINE A VAPORE


A new concept in compact automatic floor scrubbers, the Turbolava 40/E is easy to manoeuvre and quiet. With a cleaning width of 40 cm, this simple but effective machine uses just one motor to move the three fan turbines for excellent suctioning of dirty water. It’s perfect for daily cleaning of any working areas, such as showrooms, garages, schools, gyms, hospitals, nurseries and supermarkets.

Cleaning machines, industrial
Turbolava 40 E 230 V -  Innovative, electric floor scrubber drier -  compact automatic floor scrubbers - 

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