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Laser cleaning is an exciting new laser process where contaminants, debris or impurities (e.g. carbon, silicon and rubber) are removed from the surface of a material by way of laser irradiation. Not only is this a low-cost solution, it is also the most environmentally friendly application technique compared to the conventional cleaning processes which are widely used in many industries around the world. Laser coating removal is an ablative process whereby laser energy is focused and absorbed by the surface, resulting in vaporization of the coating with minimal effect to the underlying level. This process can be applied to various materials including metal, plastics, composites as well as glass. APPLICATIONS Paint Removal Rust Removal Surface Preparation Facade & Fascia Cleaning Welding & Coating Pretreatment Art Restoration Mold Cleaning Contamination Removal Aerospace Parts Celaning

Cleaning - steel and metals
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