Venture River / Indian River / Pirate River
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Venture River is a water ride of great interest and temptation for children. Its operation is very simple and involves the child turning him into the key player of an adventure on the river while the strong water flow generated by powerful pumps placed in the straight channels carries it along the way. Venture River can be installed in both fairgrounds and fixed amusement parks. It is an original, reliable and guaranteed water attraction that we have been producing for over 25 years. Since Venture River is modular, that is, composed of straight and curved channels, it is possible to create a customized course according to the available space or to a desired shape. Channels are made of fibreglass and equipped with a double bottom so as to avoid any depression over time. Please visit our website for further information.

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Via Progresso, 26 46047 Porto Mantovano (mn) (ITALY)
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