Vitamin D3 Plus 10 High Strength Patch
Vitamin D3 Plus 10 High Strength Patch -  GLOBAL 1ST LTD


SKU:VH053 Boost your vitamin D3 Levels, naturally If you consider yourself an “indoor” person, then you’ll probably have had your ear chewed off that you’re not getting enough exercise or socialising enough already. But are you getting enough sunshine? You see, the sun is one of our key sources of Vitamin D3, as is dairy and grain products, like fish and eggs. The result of not getting enough Vitamin D3 in your system is that the body doesn’t absorb calcium as efficiently and your bones don’t grow to be a strong. So, if you’re a vegan or vegetarian who sits inside all day, there is a very likely reason why you may be suffering from muscle weakness or even pain in your bones. Other health risks, though they may not be as apparent, which have been linked to those with low levels of the vitamin in their blood, include cardiovascular disease, asthma and cancer. But what do you do in winter, when you commute to and from work in darkness? What do you do if you don’t like fish? This is when

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