Washing machine glass windows/doors
Washing machine glass windows, laundry washers glass doors -  DURAN D.D.


Duran d.d. hand made production manufactures on demand glass articles from DURANᵀᴹ borosilicate glass 3.3. Our glass products are heat, stress, explosion, high/low temperatures and high pressure resistant. Hygienic in use due to smooth and pore-free surface. Taste and odour neutral. The glass panels are produced according to the drawings and technical features of washing machine manufacturers in conjunction with our technologists. For example, this glass is found in the following applications: Washing machine glass panels for industrial washing machines Spare parts for domestic washing machines "O" series Please contact us for precise specifications and options. Processing technology Drilling Sand blasting We'll be pleased to receive your enquires.

Washing machines, domestic
equipment for laundries -  glass doors -  Washing machines - 
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Mazuraniceva 3 52100 Pula
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