Wideband LAMBDA controller MODULE- LCP80
of probe type LSU 4.9.  -  IMFSOFT


LAMBDA controller processes and visualizes data about Lambda mixture – λ, Oxygen – O2, Ratio – A/F, Probe temperature – T [°C], Supply voltage – U[V] and Engine speed – RPM Lambda Controller can be used for efficient combustion process in: - Combustion engines of automobiles - Cogeneration units = CHP - Boilers for gas combustion or biomass - Industrial furnaces and kins - Converter between older narrowband Bosch LSM-11 to wideband Bosch LSU 4.9 (Bosch has stopped production of LSM-11)

Engines, internal combustion - components and parts
chp -  Lambda control -  biomass - 
Olivova 553/3 709 00 Ostrava
Czech Rep.
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