Workshop container racks TECHMARK L.OGŁOZA, S.ZDZIECHOWSKI SP.J.


Metal racks for workshop containers are used to store or display smaller objects used in the industry, at stores, warehouses, and workshops. Their advantage is the easy, direct access to objects on display, while the version with swivel wheels ensures mobility. They provide a great alternative to racks and container cabinets. Special panels are mounted on the rack’s frame for hanging containers of different volume. We make one- and two-sided racks for A, B and C-type workshop containers and EDS containers for the electronics industry. In addition, racks can be fitted with shelves, perforated panels and tool cabinets. Please take a look at our remaining workshop furniture offer (cabinets, cupboards, carts, racks, industrial computer cabinets, etc.). Thanks to the wide selection and variety of solutions, our furniture can be combined into functional and practical systems to keep your workplace in order.

Workshop furniture and fittings
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