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DP World’s inland terminals Liège (Belgium) -  DP WORLD LIÈGE


DP World Liège is the youngest of DP World’s inland terminals. It started operations in November 2015 and is located in the heart of Liège Trilogiport, an industrial logistics and warehousing park, with direct access to the Albert-Canal. The port is designed with tri-modal capabilities and the infrastructure around Liège is connecting the highly populated EUREGIO hinterland (includes the south of Belgium, south of the Netherlands, France, Luxemburg and the west of Germany) with the Western European deep sea ports. DP World Liège enhances the efficiency of our customers’ supply chain by effectively managing container traffic including container stripping and/or stuffing.

Sea & River Transport
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Rue de Trilogiport 2 4681 Hermalle-Sous-Argenteau
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