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  • MAEL private limited is a trading company dedicated with the supply of high quality products at affordable prices to meet the interest of our buyers. Our products range from meat and poultry to...
    Supplier of: cooking oil | Food - import-export | chicken | grains | drinks and beverages
    Merter/zeytinburnu - TURKEY
    We here with would like to introduce our company to you. Our location in Turkey is the west of Turkey where all the olive trees are present and those have the hıgh qualıty of olive oil. As we all...
    Supplier of: cooking oil | Olive oil | extra virgin olive oil | pure oil | export oil
    Kraljevo - SERBIA
    Supplier of: cooking oil | Fruits and vegetables - import-export | fruits | milk products | vegetables
  • well as contract work, contract pressing, oil for further treatment (organic and conventional) and private label manufacturing. At our small but excellent oil factory, we offer cooking oils of the highest quality. Our oils are...
    Supplier of: cooking oils, vegetable | Oils and fats, edible | biological oils | linseed oil | rapeseed oil
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  • ...oils, terpenes, legal cannabinoids, cooking oils and cosmetics. In 2020, we are expanding our portfolio to include numerous innovative products from a wider range of sectors. From product...
    Supplier of: oil | Vegetable oils | aromatic oils | hemp | hemp seed oil
    Supplier of: Food specialities | Food - import-export | Vegetable oils | green pepper | production of tinned fish
  • ...herbs, spices, cooking base, vegetable oils and industrial products. Being a worldwide company we focus on providing service and premium quality product for our customers. We offer good quality,...
    Supplier of: Herbs and plants for cooking | cooking base | spice | herbs | olive oil
  • oils (including specialty oils such as Extra Virgin Canola Oils), prepared meats, and many, many more. Esus can also arrange shipping from the manufacturer to the port of importation,...
    Supplier of: Foods, gourmet | organic foods | american whiskey | beers | pasta
  • ...station, Water chlorination station, Water drilling station, Phosphate reverse flotation unit, Fuel refinery, Sulfuric acid unit, Phosphoric acid unit, Triple Super Phosphate unit, Sugar factory, Cooking Oil factory.
    Supplier of: Engineering - industrial contractors | Engineering - industrial consultants | engineering projects for offshore platforms and systems | design and engineering practice | engineering for water treatment plants
  • ...raw materials - Biodegradable products - Cooking Oil - Big Bag sacks Feel free to browse through our pages for information on some of our main business activities and contact us by email for...
    Supplier of: Import-export - construction and publics works | trade | construction | import export | b2b trade
  • ...our unrefined sunflower oil. Great for cooking and salads. 3) Sunflower Seeds - great product with very high oil contents. Perfect for oil production or simply retail. 4) Wheat Flour - milled from 3rd grade wheat....
    Supplier of: Agricultural Production | coriander | sunflower seed | sunflower oil | wheat flour
    Istanbul - TURKEY
    ...and other kinds of olive oil, cooking oil and kind of oil and hope development ourselves in North Africa market. For this reason we are also very interested in establishing ourselves in your...
    Supplier of: Olive oil | olive oil | corn oil | rafined oil | sunflower oil
    Mumbai - INDIA
    ...Powder (Whole & Skimmed Milk), Used Cooking Oil and Biodiesel (ASTM grade, CE or any Quality as required by International Standards), andPackaged Drinking Water.Our Mission is to conducting Business with Ethics and respond to...
    Supplier of: Oils and fats, edible | sunflower oil | palm oil
  • ...products, Cooking Oil, Canola Oil, Sunflower Oil, Palm Olein, Olive Oil, Sugar, Rice, Copy Paper, Fertilizer, Oil & Gas sector and operates network of agents and subsidiaries...
    Supplier of: Vegetable oils
  • ...RBD Rapeseed/Canola Oil Refined Soybean Oil RBD Groundnut/Peanut Oil Coconut Oil RBD Palm Oil RBD Palm Olein Rice Bran Oil CRUDE DEGUMMED SOYBEAN OIL Crude Palm Oil Crude Degummed Rapeseed Oil (DIN 51605) Used Cooking Oil (UCO)
    Supplier of: Vegetable oils | various | edible oils | from | the refineries
  • ...sunflower oils, soybean oils, corn oil, rapeseed oil, rice, sugar, cocoa powder, cashew nuts, pulses. Non edible commodities like bio-diesels such as crude degummed rapeseed oil, used cooking oil.
    Supplier of: used cooking oil | Vegetable oils | Sugar | buying and selling | cdro crude degummed rapeseed oil
  • ...pure, natural, distilled cooking olive oil and other essential oils. Nüve Soap contains only pure vegetable oil. Coconut, date, apricot pit, castor, almond and shea oil are some of the ingredients we use...
    Supplier of: Soaps, toilet | soap | olive oil soap | cold vegetable soap | natural soap
    Southampton - UNITED KINGDOM
    ...hospitals, golf clubs etc. We also offer a waste cooking oil collection service, free of charge saving disposal costs. Our used oil removal service is available even if you do not buy fresh cooking oils from...
    Supplier of: Vegetable oils | vegetable oil | rapeseed oil | waste oil | collection
    Singapore - SINGAPORE
    ...wholesaler for cooking vegetable oil - palm oil, sunflower oil. We also supply building materials, solar systems, vehicle spare parts, aircon spare parts, heaters, coils, fans, shipbuilding...
    Supplier of: Oils, cooking - machinery and equipment | oil & gas procurement | edible vegetable oils | steel for shipbuilding | agarwood
    Romania - ROMANIA
    ...oil origin russian, europe, asia , refined oils, crude oils, degummed oils, corn oil sunflower oil rapeseed oil soybean oil palm oil in flexy tank, drum, bottled sgs inspection cif aswp payment 100%lc...
    Supplier of: Vegetable oils | palm oil | refined sunflower oil | corn oil | soybean oil
    Pnp - CAMBODIA pepper, animal feed, cooking/vegetable oil, fertilizers, chemical items, farming machinery, generators, printing/copy paper and external/internal network extension business correspondents.
    Supplier of: Agriculture and forestry - machinery and equipment | international market entry | whole grain rice
  • 1993 and located in cairo - egypt we working as trders to buy and re-sell for commodities : sugar, urea , cement , cooking oil , rice and wheat also we re-seller's mandate for oil products
    Supplier of: Fuels, solid
    Singapore - SINGAPORE
    I would like to sell Sun Flower Cooking OIL & Ferrous & NON ferrous Scraps and looking for Buyers & sellersIf interested pls send me e-mail or call me at...
    Supplier of: Metallurgy and iron and steel industry - machinery and installations
    Gingee India - INDIA
    I am basically an intermediary trying to bring together sellers and buyers of Steam coal, iron ore, HMS 1 and 2, used rails and cooking oils.
    Supplier of: Fuels, solid | steam coal iron ore hms 1 and 2
    Singapore - SINGAPORE
    Looking for reliable manufacturers / suppliers for Refined Sunflower cooking oil. Monthly requirement is between 200 - 1, 000 metric tons. Packing is in 5 litres pet bottles under private labels.
    Supplier of: Vegetable oils
  • we do collect used cooking oil and used mineral oil from cars from a lot of places. we can supply you with the amount and specification you want of vegetable or industrial used oil .
    Supplier of: Oils, nonfood
  • Adel Al-Tamimi Food Industries Company was established on 02/21/2019 in the Turkish state of Gaziantep and it belongs to its General Manager Mr. Adel bin Abdullah bin Abdul Rahman Al-Nasser, owner of...
    Supplier of: Olive oil | extra virgin olive oil
    Pierre Percée - FRANCE
    Designer and producer of patented cooking utilities. For our oven, we use short infrared emitter technology that allows us to design ultra-fast cooking devices, with lower energy consumption...
    Supplier of: Oils, cooking - machinery and equipment | Designers | producers | patented utilities | french
    Tralee - IRELAND
    Our Company, which is based in Ireland, supply and source a wide range of Oils and Fats for use in the Bio-fuels Sector, and we Purchase a wide range of Chemicals and Fuels including UCO/ Bio-diesel/...
    Supplier of: purchasing used cooking oils and fats | Electronics - import-export | bio-fuels supply and sourcing | sourcing oils and fats for bio-diesel manufacture | supply and source chenicalsc oils and fats for biodiesel
  • ...oil derived from sunflower seeds. This oil is high in polyunsaturated fat and low in saturated fat. Used in cooking and in salad dressings, for other oil refine matter Not well suited for frying because of its low smoke point.
    Supplier of: pure used cooking oil | Oilseed crops | fresh bio-diesel oil
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