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  • Rubber moulded parts that are set apart by flexibility, innovation and quality: In line with this principle, we have been manufacturing customised, technical rubber moulded parts for an international...
    Supplier of: rubber gaskets | Seals and packing material | Sealing rings | moulded rubber parts | rubber membranes
  • LangYüzer is a Turkish-German owned company of LY Firmengruppe. We are a manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of rubber products; Because of different application our rubber products are highly...
    Supplier of: rubber gaskets | silicone rubber gaskets | Rubber products | rubber seals | silicone moulding
    Redruth - UNITED KINGDOM
    ...and standard pipe jointing, to specialist rubber parts for the defence and aerospace industries.Neoprene gaskets, nitrile rubber gaskets, silicone, epdm and Viton gaskets are just a small example of the different types of...
    Supplier of: rubber gaskets | custom gaskets to design | Mechanical engineering - custom work
  • Moulding of bespoke technical articles in rubber, rubber and metal, rubber and fabric. Profiles, pipes, preformed pipes. Blends. Customized equipment.
    Supplier of: rubber gaskets | Rubber - technical items for industry | Injection moulding of rubber and plastic | bellows | technical articles for transmissions
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  • Supplier of: rubber gaskets | Rubber - technical items for industry | moulded rubber parts | rubber profiles | flexible rubber tubes
  • Supplier of: rubber gaskets | Rubber products | Extrusion of rubber and plastic | extruded rubber | elastomer seals
  • Supplier of: rubber gaskets | Rubber products
  • We are a prominent German supplier of fluid-related systems and components, with a focus on hydraulics and pneumatics. In these areas, we provide specialised high-quality services. Our national and...
    Supplier of: Hydraulic equipment | Manometers | adapters | hydraulic filters | hydraulic units
  • ...Solid Metal Serrated Gasket, Metal Ring Gasket(Oval Octagonal Ring Joint Gasket)Non-metallic Gasket: Rubber Gasket, Asbestos Gasket, Non-Asbestos Gasket, PTFE Gasket, PTFE Coated Gasket, Graphite GasketSheet Gasket Materials: Flexible Graphite, Asbestos, Non-asbestos, PTFEPacking: PTFE
    Supplier of: gaskets | gasket materials | Seals | natural graphite | flexible graphite
  • ...Suction cups, Rubber Cap Plugs, Washer, Gaskets, Rubber bushing & Rubber Mount & Rubber Bumper, Tube & pipe & Hoses, Silicone Wristbands, Oil Field rubber parts(drill pipe rubber, sphere pig, packer rubber tube)and so on.Material including:...
    Supplier of: gasket | Seals, mechanical | car wash sprayers | oil seals | auto parts
  • ...molding rubber parts like O rings, rubber bonded rubber, sealings, gaskets, hose clamp, boots, bushings, grommets, shock absorbers, buffer pads, plugs, foam rubber part, precise injection plastic parts, rubber extrusion, etc.
    Supplier of: Import-export - rubber and plastic products | molded rubber products | automotive rubber products | custom made rubber products | rubber and plastic parts
  • ...asbestos rubber sheets, metal spring gaskets, o-ring, and packing , ect. Gasket type: Spiral Wound Gasket, Ring Joint Gasket, Double Jacketed Gasket, Reinforced Graphite Gasket, PTFE Gasket, Kammprofile Gasket, Non-Metallic Flat...
    Supplier of: gasket padding | Sealing and wrapping - machinery and equipment | seals
  • ...OIL SEAL, BEARING SEAL, GROMMET, O-RING, etc rubber parts) , O-ring, Oil seal , Packing , Gasket, Float and Rubber equipment of automobile, Our major customer is TOYODA GOSEI, Japan GMB, Japan TOYO SEIKO.
    Supplier of: Rubber - technical items for industry | hanil rubber
    Sevastopol - UKRAINE
    ...exchangers- Easy to use - no need for expensive rubber gaskets- Can be installed in small and not easily accessible areas- Possibility to free up useful room space due to heat exchangers’ compactness
    Supplier of: Radiators - fin-type | heat exchangers | collectors
  • ...tape, PORON/EVA/PE foam gaskets, rubber pads as well as insulation materials which are widely used in communication products, digital cameras, printers, audio products, appliances, lighting,...
    Supplier of: Tapes, adhesive | adhesive tape | plastic foam materials
    Bucuresti - ROMANIA
    ...against infiltrations, mastic, rubber gaskets in the facades;  window glass replacements at curtain walls, vitreous surfaces,  cleaning and arrangement works (inscriptions or mounting of...
    Supplier of: Cleaning and maintenance products, industrial | climbing | maintenance
  • ...molded rubber products including rubber seals, rubber gasket, rubber washer, silicone parts, EPDM gasket, oil seal, valve stem seal, standard and non-standard o ring, PTFE seals with wide range of material.
    Supplier of: silicone edpm seals and gaskets | Rubber - technical items for industry | molded rubber parts
  • Manufacturer of sealing and thermal insulation materials. Production and sales of high quality, environmentally friendly sealing and thermal insulation products. Cooperation with worldwide suppliers...
    Supplier of: gasket sheet | Seals | seal | packing | compensators
  • ...strips and cords, reinforced hoses, seals, gaskets according to product demand of designers and engineers. We focused on manufacturing & providing high performance silicone rubber products for...
    Supplier of: silicone sealing gaskets | Silicones | o-ring | slicone kitchen utensils | exterior silicone seals
  • ...Metal reinforced gasket, Spiral wound gasket, Jacketed gasket, Corrugated gasket and Braided packings. We also manufacture and supply all types of gaskets in a wide range of materials including Non-asbestos, PTFE, and Rubber etc.
    Supplier of: graphite gasket | Seals | graphite foil
  • ...Non-asbestos sheet, PTFE sheet, Graphite sheet, Rubber sheet, Cork Rubber, Mica sheet, Beater sheet, Asbestos sheet and so on Sealing Machine & Mechanical Seals Packng tools, Packing cutter, Gasket cutter, SWG winding machine, Braider Packing Machine, Mechanical Seals and so on.
    Supplier of: gaskets | gaskets and seals | Seals and packing material
  • ...wristbands, bracelets, o-rings, seals, gaskets, hoses, bellows, profiles, and so on. Our silicone rubber has the following characters: low temperature-resistance, high temperature-resistance, flame...
    Supplier of: Silicones | silicone for molding items | silicone rubber suppliers china
  • based on your requirements such as seals, gaskets, grommets, plugs, bellows, mounts, packers, buffers, and so on.The raw material of rubber include EPDM, NR, NBR, HNBR, SBR, CR, IIR, Silicone, Viton
    Supplier of: Rubber - products for the motor vehicle and transport industry | compression molded rubber | rubber molding parts
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