Agent Representative - cereals and grains


    Adelaide - AUSTRALIA
    Our main purchases include chicken, grains, cereals, beans , pasta, tomato paste, edible oils and various animal meals from the UKRAINE .
    Supplier of: Cereals and grains | Agriculture - import-export | fresh milk | australian beef | pasta
  • ...customs clearance.JSC Azov Sea PortCereals (grains): wheat, barley, corn (maize), millet, oats, rye, sorghum, buckwheat, ...Oilseeds: flax seeds, rapeseed, sunflower seeds, camelina seeds, safflower...
    Supplier of: Cereals and grains | feed barley | feed maize | feed peas
  • M.CAZORLA S.L. is a company that supplies its customers with agricultural products and technical advice: fertilizer, plant health products, environmentally-friendly products, seeds, rat poison,...
    Supplier of: Cereals and grains | cereals | cereals | gardening | subscriptions
  • Agri broker e-trading platform international trading russian agricultural commodities grains; pulses; oil seeds; animal feed
    Supplier of: Oilseed crops | cereals and grains | oilseeds | pulses | wheat
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    New Delhi - INDIA
    We are dealing in various types of Indian Agro Commodities. Indian Basmati rice Indian Non Basmati rice Yellow maize & green millets whole wheat & wheat flour
    Supplier of: Cereals and grains | Rice | durum wheat flour or superfine flour | durum wheat | 1121 basmati rice
  • Ceramic, marble, baths, fruit and salt
    Supplier of: Cereals and grains
  • Supplier of: Cereals and grains | Import-export - food and agriculture | Spices | Condiments, extracts and spices | food industry
  • Supplier of: Cereals and grains | Agriculture - import-export | sunflower oil | edible vegetable oils
  • Supplier of: Cereals and grains
    Tabligbo - TOGO
    Supplier of: Cereals and grains | farmers' unions | organic products
  • 000
    La Villa - UKRAINE
    Supplier of: Cereals and grains
  • RIYOH Import and Export PLC started in 2006 as an exporter having its head office based in Addis Ababa. It utilizes the latest office arrangement and system throughout its exporting processes. This...
    Supplier of: Oilseed crops | export | sesame seeds | beans | pulses
  • We directly represent a large and Reputable USA based seller /exporter of Wheat, Corn, Soya beans and Soya bean meal, ETC, From The USA. Seller has Exported Grains for the Past 10 Years+ world-wide ,...
    Supplier of: Rice | wheat | corn | maize | soya bean
  • North Star For Commercial Mediation Est. registered in Amman-Jordan and it is member of Jordan chamber of commerce and Amman chamber of commerce. We are in commodity trade business acting as a link...
    Supplier of: Common wheat
  • R.A.D. Exports™, as a buying agent/Exporter & Merchandiser, has years of experiences in sourcing service. We can handle everything well for your buying from Pakistan. Specifically, R.A.D. Exports™...
    Supplier of: Rice
    Malacca - MALAYSIA
    We are trader/broker. We are providing Crude Degummed Rapeseeds Oil (CDRO)High FFA Crude Palm Oil ( CPO ) for biodiesel refineries. For CDRO and CPO, we have ISCC certificates. CPO is from...
    Supplier of: Oilseed crops | biodiesel
  • We Trade, Export & Broker, Grains, Pulses, Wheat, Wheat Flour, Edible Oils, Bio-Energy Fuel, Sugar, Food, Construction Materials, Plastics, Metals and many other commodities to fulfill your supply...
    Supplier of: Rice
    Tarragona - SPAIN
    We are Global Consultants Es base in Spain. We are sourcing the 15 horse power Subsersibe water pumps.Presently working as sourcing agent to a governmental agency in Nigeria 'Sokoto Rima River Basin...
    Supplier of: Rice | deep well water pumps
    São Paulo - BRAZIL
    social soybean Sugar merchants Coffee shop Beef and pork trade
    Supplier of: Oilseed crops | commerce of the grain | commerce of the oil | commerce of the sugar | commerce of the corn
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    Supplier of: Oilseed crops | Olives | Food - import-export | import | export
  • Agent in Comodity Market, also we are in Information technology Services
    Supplier of: Rice | information technology sector consultancy | rice
    We are buying agent for the following listed items: riceyellow cornt-shirtstea leavesmineral waterceramic mug
    Supplier of: Rice | mineral water | t-shirts | yellow corn | ceramic mug
  • My company is dealing with oil seeds, soybean meal and palm oil.
    Supplier of: Oilseed crops
    lagos state - NIGERIA
    Industrial oil used for cooking, soap making, car, heavy equipment, for geretors industrial equipment etc
    Supplier of: Oilseed crops | buying and selling | import and export declarations
  • Supplier of: Oilseed crops
  • Supplier of: Crop harvesting | maize
  • Supplier of: Crop harvesting
    Krasnodar - RUSSIA
    Supplier of: Oilseed crops
  • Supplier of: Oilseed crops
    Reggio Emilia - ITALY
    Supplier of: Oilseed crops | commercial brokerage services
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