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  • The development of our company began with the first re-grinding orders. With the continual further development of the cutting tool, the requirements on us and our company have continued to grow. In...
    Supplier of: Diamond tools | Industrial diamonds | diamond milling tools | polycrystalline diamond tools (pcd tools) | precision tools
  • Supplier of: Diamond tools | Industrial diamonds | Abrasive discs | Electrical engineering hand tools, non-power | abrasives
  • ...for industrial usages: for cutting tools, grinding tools, drilling tools and so on.The available type of diamond: 1. big size synthetic diamond ( bigger than 1.0mm )2. single crystal synthetic diamond3. micron...
    Supplier of: Industrial diamonds | diamond tools | synthetic diamond
  • Supplier of: Industrial diamonds | Diamond tools | diamond-tipped grinding wheels
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  • ...and diamond suspension. CBN grinding wheels, PCD and PCBN Tools, high precision diamond wheels, Diamond grinding wheels with resin-binder CBN, Diamond grinding wheels with metal-binder CBN, Diamond griding wheels with electrolytic CBN.
    Supplier of: Industrial diamonds | Grindstones, abrasive | Abrasives, mechanical
  • ...materials for the diamond tool industry worldwide. These include, Natural Diamond Grits and Powders, Rough Industrial Diamonds, CVD Diamond, PCD, PCBN, Single-Crystal MCD, Diamond Lapping Compound and Processed Industrial...
    Supplier of: Industrial diamonds | cvd diamond | superabrasives | natural diamond powder | polycrystalline diamond pcd
  • ...Customerized Diamond Wheels and Tools Our Main Services are below: 1) Printing & Packaging (Books, Catalogues, Boxes, Bags, Labels, Stationeries, Car Stickers etc) 2) Display Racks ( Metal, Wooden, MDF, Plastic,...
    Supplier of: Industrial diamonds | printing services | cbn powders
  • ...sintered graphite mould for diamond tools, powder material for synthetic diamond, synthetic diamond crystals and diamond tools.With powerful strength and 500 employees, including 38 senior engineers and...
    Supplier of: Industrial diamonds
  • ...appropriate super abrasives material for their tools using in grinding, drilling, lapping and polishing and providing clients the most stable prodcuts. Luoyang Aimeil Diamond Co., Ltd. supplies CVD polycrystalline diamond, CVD single crystal...
    Supplier of: Industrial diamonds | diamond tools to drawing | diamonds | diamonds cut | industrial diamonds
  • Supplier of: Diamonds, industrial | Industrial diamonds | Natural abrasives | Electrical engineering hand tools, non-power | Tools & Hardware
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