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  • MEDILIFE stands for "Mediterranean Life". MEDILIFE aims at providing to the global consumers a Premium Healthy Mediterranean Food. Our company operates in 4 segments : Olive Oil & Olives. Couscous &...
    Supplier of: dates | deglet noor dates | Olive oil | organic olive oil | extra virgin olive oil
  • We are Sehha Healthcare Products, Egyptian Company located in Cairo. our company is one of the vegetables and fruits exporters to many countries whether in Europe or Middle east . also we are a...
    Supplier of: dates | Fruits and vegetables - import-export | vegetables | fruits | export
  • ...packers & exporters of all kinds of Iranian Dates with some side products of Dates. We are a holder of a certified modern factory under HACCP, ISO22000, and ISO9001 by TUV NORD Germany. Parsun Day active in the private sector in Iran and...
    Supplier of: dates | iranian dates | iran dates | Import-export - food and agriculture | dry fruits
  • ...include dried apricots, figs, raisins, tomatoes, dates, prunes, bananas, oranges, persimmons, apples, quinces, pears, peaches, cherries and strawberries as well as imported ones like mango, kiwi,...
    Supplier of: Fruits, dried | dried apricots | dried figs | prunes | dried fruits
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  • ...will leave you feeling healthy, energised and satisfied. Our Products Include: Healthy Snacks Date Nectar/Syrup Date Paste Date Sugar Fresh Dates Medjool Dates Chopped Dates Date Chutney Date Flour
    Supplier of: dates | date sugar | Foods, health | healthy and natural food | sugar alternatives
  • Arman Tejarat Newsaad is an import-export trading company which is located in Iran and is a member of Newsaad Group companies. International trading and export- import from Iran to other countries...
    Supplier of: dates | Herbs for medicines and cosmetics | Liquorice | saffron | cumin
  • We bring the good Dates from Saudi Arabia. Sukkari - Dark brown skin; distinctly sweet and soft flesh. From Alqassim ​Sukkari dates are considered to be one of the best dates in Saudi Arabia and the world, and it is named Sukkari for the sweet taste. The shape of the Sukkari dates ranges from...
    Supplier of: dates | Fruit | datiles | dattes | datteln
  • Company Profile and History Tiva Sivand Food Products cooperatives (Teavas), is involved in the process and packing of dried nuts, date fruits, saffron, rose water, tea, herbal tea, coffee and honey...
    Supplier of: dates | Fruits, dried | teavas | herbs
  • food industries , providing pitted/ unpitted dates as ingredients selected from all around IRAN by our experienced team of experts . We are actively involved from time of planting through harvesting of the...
    Supplier of: dates | sayer dates | pitted sayer dates | sair dates | Chestnuts and sweet chestnuts
  • Green Atlas Tree is one of the most well-established family owned private companies with more than 5 decades of working as a supplier, manufacturer, and worldwide exporter of Iranian Dried fruits,...
    Supplier of: dates | Dried fruits | raisins | pistachios | saffron
  • We are date manufacturer company based on Turkey.Currently we are supplying our raw and sugar free products to %99 of bar, biscuits, cake, cookies and natural snack producer companies in Turkey. Our date products are not contain any additives nor sugar. We have currently 32...
    Supplier of: dates | Import-export - food and agriculture | natural snack | raw material for chocolate and protein bar produce | sugar free %100 natural
    Riyadh - SAUDI ARABIA Madina Palm Madina Palm is a brand of quality dates, Our vision is to become one of the leading global supplier of quality dates sourced from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The quality and freshness of Madina Palm dates are maintained by...
    Supplier of: dates | dates stuffed with nuts | Fruits, dried | dry fruits | chocolate coated dried fruit
  • Nadeed Al Washm Factory For Dates in KSA is considered one of the specialized factories in the field of manufacturing and packaging of dates with a high quality through modern and global level production lines to increase the...
    Supplier of: dates | packaged dates | dates stuffed with nuts | Agricultural Production
    Incirliova/aydin - TURKEY
    We don't want people like our figs, we want them LOVE it. As we believe in ourselves' quality of product and packages. We do not collect our figs from traders or depot owners. Best figs are grown in...
    Supplier of: dates | Dried fruits | dried figs | dried apricots | sultanas
  • KTT Trade Complex was established in 2009 in Abadan City and started its activity by exporting alive domestic animals to Kuwait . In simultaneity with this in 2013, the complex expanded its...
    Supplier of: dates | Food - import-export | saffron | raisins
  • KDI Group is the international supplier of high quality dried fruits products to branded food manufacturers. Its full product management capabilities include dried fruit storage and distribution,...
    Supplier of: dates | dates stuffed with nuts | Fruits, dried
  • Company's profileZoiee Trading Co., jasmine, being active for more than 40 years in international trade market and well aware of Iranian dried fruits and agro products, has the honor to be present in...
    Supplier of: dates | Fruits, dried | raisins
  • This is Mohamad; manager of Ariatac Dried fruits Company, as one of the youngest exporters of Iranian dried fruits in the field of exporting Dates and Raisins. We committed to make our customers...
    Supplier of: dates | Fruits, dried | sultanas | pistachios | raisin
    Tehran - IRAN quality of Golden and Sultana raisins and date to Europe and Russia, also it imports bean and grain to Iran. the prices and qualities are very Appropriate.if you want other information of...
    Supplier of: date | Fruits, dried | sultana raisins | golden raisins | grain
    Kerman - IRAN
    We, Rashak Tejarat co, as an exporter and importer of local products that are the best in all over the world(Date of MAZAFATI (Bam-Kerman), Pistachio(Rafsanjan) Herbs that are natural organic and...
    Supplier of: date | Food - import-export | herbs | nuts | pistachio
  • Our business is selling and importing nuts, combining the latest technologies with traditional methods. The unconditional reliability of our products is ensured by daily quality testing.
    Supplier of: dates | Food - import-export | peanuts | dry fruits
    Riyadh - SAUDI ARABIA
    We have premium Dates for the alcohol industry
    Supplier of: dates | packaged dates | dates for the alcohol industry | dates for whiskey production | Fruits, dried
  • Supplier of: dates | Olive oil | extra virgin organic olive oil | extra virgin olive oil | sun-dried tomatoes
  • Supplier of: dates | packaged dates | saudi dates | Dried fruits | ma'moul
  • Supplier of: dates | Dried fruits
  • Supplier of: dates | Food - import-export | food industry | olive oil
  • Supplier of: dates | packaged dates | Fruits and vegetables - import-export
  • Supplier of: dates | packaged dates | Fruit
    Kebeli - TUNISIA
    Supplier of: dates | Fruit
  • Supplier of: dates | packaged dates | Fruits and vegetables - import-export
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