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  • Production of accumulators and both lead and lead-calcium batteries, for starters, small vehicles and electric traction boats.
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  • As an innovative and flexible company, not only do we develop, build and supply battery systems using NiCd, lead and Li-ion technology, we also solve problems for a wide range of applications in the...
    Supplier of: Accumulators and batteries | lead-acid batteries | lithium batteries | batteries for electric vehicles | accumulators for stationary systems
  • SMA manufactures accumulators for automobile propulsion. We manufacture, distribute and market starter batteries, traction batteries, car batteries, motorbike batteries, bus batteries, truck...
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  • ...3 types of batteries: Conventional Lead Acid Starter Batteries, Maintenance Free-CA/CA Technology batteries and Low Maintenance/ Hybrid Technology batteries. Elbat's well equipped laboratories test at each stage the...
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  • ...become one of the big battery plate and lead acid battery manufacturer in China Our product incl. - Battery Plate (lead-calcium alloy grid) - Standard AGM Battery (2V, 6V, 12V from 1.2Ah-3000Ah for UPS power system, Telecom system, power tools etc.) - Deep Cycle...
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  • ...Power Supply (UPS), Power Inverter, Solar panels, Solar Power generation system and Wind Power generation system, and Emergency Power Supply (EPS) as well as maintenance-free lead acid battery.
    Supplier of: lead acid battery | solar battery | Electrical engineering - portable power tools | uninterruptible power supplies | vacuum solar panels
  • ...and manufacturing the Sealed Lead Acid battery/Car/Motorcycle battery, with high quality&very competitive price. Equipped with the state of the art manufacturing equipments in Jiangsu and Guangdong factories located in China, we offer...
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  • ...of valve control type sealed lead acid battery one of professional manufacturers. The company is located in the town of dongguan city phoenix hills, immersion school industrial zone, with a total investment of more than 5 million yuan, the scale...
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  • ...International Power Technology Company Limited is one of the largest companies worldwide specializing in the R&D, manufacturing and marketing of maintenance-free valve regulated lead acid batteries.
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  • ...and selling different types of valve regulated lead acid batteries. We use special alloy grids and plates, casting weld technology and plate formed inside battery technology, so all aspects of performance of...
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  • Tai Mao Battery. As one of the leading OEM & ODM inductries, we supply superior-quality products at competitive offers. Special top cover device avoid oxidizing and extend battery life. 2. Vietnam branch manufactures KYMKO original...
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    Jiangxi - CHINA
    We are a China-based competitive manufacturer ofVRLA(AGM & GEL) battery, widely used in motorcycle, UPS, EPS, electric vehicle, telecom, solar power, wind power.Our global client list include listed...
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  • use for upsemergency power systemcommunication equipmenttelecommunication systemuninterruptible power supplieselectronic bicycle and wheelchairs etc
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    Hanchuan - CHINA
    our battery can for UPS alarm, and security system, motorcycle starting .power wheelchair & mobility scooter and solar & wind storage system.and golf batteries , inverters battery,Medical apparatus 。
    Supplier of: lead acid battery | Minicomputers and mainframes - maintenance | ups battery
    Megrine - TUNISIA
    Supplier of: Accumulators and batteries | lead-acid batteries | drums
  • Supplier of: Batteries | lead-acid batteries | lead-calcium batteries
  • Supplier of: Batteries | lead acid battery | solar battery
  • Supplier of: Batteries | lead acid batteries | vrla batteries
  • ...Emergency Power Supply System, Electric Vehicle, Portable Power Solutions, Lighting Power Solution, Security Solutions, etc. Our products: Lead Acid Batteries: 6V 1.2Ah to 20Ah 12V 0.8Ah to 250Ah 2V 100Ah to 3000
    Supplier of: Batteries | sla battery vrla battery rechargeable battery | lithium batteries lfp battery | Electrical engineering - portable power tools | li-ion rechargeable battery pack
    Dereham England - UNITED KINGDOM
    ...wire brass round rods, Drained Lead Acid Battery Scraps Used Compressors Scrap, Copper Cathode Scrap, HMS1&2 scrap, Copper Wire Scrap, Compressor Scrap other Metal Scrap. Auto and truck battery Scrap Other...
    Supplier of: Foundries - copper, bronze and brass | aluminium radiators | electrolytic copper cathode | ac used fridge compressor scrap | copper wire aluminum scrap ignot
  • ...liquid with electrolyte liquid. Compare with the lead-acid battery and the gel storage battery, the silicon battery owns advantages in larger current discharge, faster charge capacity, smaller inner resistance, smaller self-discharge and longer lifespan, etc. Besides, unlike the...
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  • Battery Brain connects to any lead-acid or lithium ION batteries continually monitoring its charge. Battery Brain was developed by an electrical and mechanical engineer in 1996. Battery Brain connects to your vehicle or generators...
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  • research, develop and manufacturing of the Lead Acid battery. Through over 14 years of development, JYC has grown to well-known and the most reliable storage battery brand at home and abroad.
    Supplier of: Accumulators and batteries | ups battery | solar battery
  • of China’s leading lead acid battery and power supply unit manufacturer in China. It is also one of the few Chinese lead acid battery enterprises that have attained the following certificates: ISO90001: 2000, ISO14001,...
    Supplier of: Energy - renewable | sla battery | solar power battery
  • ...lithium battery, including lithium ion coin, cylindrical batteries and lithium polymer batteries. We also produce other special-shaped lithium batteries and some models of lead acid battery based on the customer's requirement.
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  • Yulot Battery Co., Ltd is one of leading manufacturers and exporters of Motorcycle batteries and VRLA batteries with about 15 years' brilliant background and experience in manufacturing and marketing. Our products have being exported to...
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  • ...Tester for 6V/12 SLA, GEL and FLOODED lead acid batteries. This provides accurate DC Voltage and actual Ampere Hour (Ah) capacity available in the battery within seconds. A perfect solution to identifying...
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  • ...our company has been enhanced by our advanced lead acid battery technology from our in-house R&D laboratory situated in Shenzhen, China. Our batteries include AGM, Gel, Hybrid Gel, OPzV, OPzS and others.
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  • ...lithium-ion battery, li-polymer battery, lithium manganese battery, Ni-Cd battery, Ni-MH battery, lead acid battery. Through many years’ effort, LARGE has become one of the most important suppliers in China for mobile power solutions and batteries.
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  • Follows the green trend—no exhaust emission, quiet, minimal carbon footprint, lithium batteries replacing lead-acid.
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