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  • Supplier of: Preserved plants
  • Supplier of: Preserved plants
  • DECO-NATURE specialises in the sale of driftwood and the marketing of natural items such as creepers, birch branches, trunks with tree-growing ferns, tree bark and palm husks, etc. and is the leading...
    Supplier of: Preserved plants | Wooden tables | Furniture - hotels, bars, cafés and restaurants
  • LandscapeABC piante stabilizzate
    Supplier of: Preserved plants | landscape gardening consultancy | interior and exterior design | artificial plants for interior design | driedflower
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  • Supplier of: Preserved plants
  • Supplier of: Preserved plants
  • Supplier of: Preserved plants | fine chemistry
  • Supplier of: Preserved plants
  • Supplier of: Preserved plants | vegetables | carrots
  • preserve the environment.Processing plants are located in Lima, with the most modern equipment that receive raw quinoa grown in our farms across the country to be processed.Inside our indoor processing...
    Supplier of: Import-export - food and agriculture | growing areas from our own | certified process plant | quality assurance | currently exporting
  • ...exporter of beans products.The Group has also set up plants for processing, preserving and freezing of Marine Products, which are approved in accordance with stringent quality standards for export to Europe.
    Supplier of: Spices | quality
  • Anklam Extrakt GmbH produces and distributes premium-quality plant extracts for the pharmaceutical, food and dietary supplement industries. In addition to our premium extracts, we also supply our...
    Supplier of: preserves and food extracts | Extracts, food | Food and beverage additives | Extracts for pharmaceutical preparations | vegetable extracts
  • Manufactures egg cooking, shelling and colouring machines, packaging machines and special machines for the food industry, as well as colour spraying systems and appliances with in-line airflow...
    Supplier of: cooking plant and equipment for the food and preserves industry | Food industry - machinery and equipment | egg processing and packaging plants | systems and equipment for breaking eggs and separating yolk and white | foodstuffs
  • Supplier of: cooking plant and equipment for the food and preserves industry | Houseware, metal | Tableware | Steels and metals - forming and cutting | drying chambers
  • Supplier of: cooking plant and equipment for the food and preserves industry | Food industry - machinery and equipment | refrigeration system
  • Supplier of: cooking plant and equipment for the food and preserves industry | Meats, butchery and delicatessen - machinery and equipment | Cooking and smoke-curing equipment for delicatessens | Bakery and confectionery industry - machinery and equipment | refrigeration system
  • original production method: the plants, collected by the company's associated pickers and producers, are directly macerated in the place where they are collected so as to preserve all their properties and energy potential.
    Supplier of: Plants and herbs, medicinal | Herbs for medicines and cosmetics | Organic cosmetics | Phytotherapy products | Food supplements
  • ...shipbuilding industry. Since I joined the company’s management I have dedicated my efforts to preserve these values and to position our company for a safe and successful future also in the third generation.
    Supplier of: Clutches | compensation clutches | elastomer clutches | lamellar joints | shaft clutch
  • ...vegetable preserves of the highest quality and finest flavours. The basic products of WaldiBen Fruit and Vegetable Processing Plant include: prepared horseradish, mayonnaise, fresh-packed pickles.
    Supplier of: Vegetables, pickled | horseradish | canned vegetables in vinegar | pickled beets | pickled cucumbers
  • ...apply social responsibility policies, aimed at preserving the environment or taking care of our employee’s well-being We believe that today, the Batlle Group is already a reality with great projections for...
    Supplier of: Bedding plants, bulbs and seeds | Agricultural Production | agricultural products | gardening | garden seeds
  • all high quality green olives, are processed using the Spanish method and pasteurized under the most hygienic conditions, thereby preserving their purity and freshness until each package is opened.
    Supplier of: Olive oil | black olives organic black olives | organic green olives green olives | extra virgin olive oil virgin olive oil | organic extra virgin olive oil organic virgin olive oil
  • ...production units are: • Animal feed production plant for 100% natural origin (wheat, corn, soya) • Owned poultry farms, in the broader region of Euboea, of 4 million birds annual capacity • Modern poultry...
    Supplier of: Chicken | frozen poultry | poultry | fresh and frozen chicken
  • ...and cuttings for horticulture throughout the year. Our products range: cotton, tomato concentrate, cut flowers, broccoli, carrots, cereals, sunflowers.Our products range: Preserved dry goods and vegetables.
    Supplier of: Vegetables, preserved | preservation | Indoor and greenhouse plants, floristry | cotton | cut flowers
  • extremely compeitive prices. You can expect an immediate improvement in performance and a 30-50% increase in plant and equipment life expectancy with our products and unique solutions.
    Supplier of: Chemicals - Basic Products & Derivatives | additives for water treatment | chemical additives | reverse osmosis chemicals | reagents for membrane plants
  • ...for the views of customers and stakeholders, Based on the requirements and preservation of the environment and human resources, As the best investment for the organization On the path of continuous improvement and sustainable develop
    Supplier of: Food - import-export | herbs and herbal products | medicinal herbs | essential oils | gums
  • ...wealth of experience from numerous applications as well as our knowledge of the requirements in individual markets make us a reliable partner in building technology, process engineering and plant engineering.
    Supplier of: Monitoring and control equipment | environmental monitoring | fluid level gauges | level indicators | level alarms
  • ...product’s ranges of Pacific Ocean Ltd are in the first place the Taste Memories jams, whose fruit content is between 70 and 200% following traditional methods of homemade preserving and recipes.
    Supplier of: Fruit preserves | diabetic food | marmalades | sauces for cakes | jams
  • ...PIZZA. The Company has been started the mushroom business since 1986 , initially as the compost producer , than champignons processor in own plant , finally as the grower in own champignon-growing facilities.
    Supplier of: Mushrooms | for preserved and tinned food or ready-made meal and pizza
  • ...modern equipment of the world leading producers, which is notable for energy-saving and minimizes harmful influence on environment. At the same time, high rates of productivity and quality of products are preserved.
    Supplier of: Agricultural Production | rapeseed oil and meal | sunflower oil and meal | soybean oil and meal | licetin
  • ...use only recycled, bio-degredable and reusable packaging.Our unique recipies combine beneficial and cleansing flower, fruit and plant oils and mineral extracts achieving our perfectlybalanced - pH balanced!
    Supplier of: Soaps, toilet | natural cosmetic products | hand made | essential oils | paraben free
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