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  • Firm founded in 1958, in Durango (Biscay), with 30, 000 m² of space devoted to the production of lamellar grey iron and ductile iron by manual casting. Manually cast parts for machinery components,...
    Supplier of: lamellar cast iron | casting in ductile iron | cast iron for stamping | Iron, special grade and pig iron | cutting dies for the automobile industry
  • alu-GAP - The most advanced sand casting facilities in Europe! - The Finest Quality Standard in the industry! - Competitive rates, quick response, full-service, up to 12, 000 Tn / year PRE-PRODUCTION...
    Supplier of: aluminium sand casting foundry full automatic | Foundries, aluminium | pattern engineering, magma simulation | green sand and chemical no-bake sand | core shop 6 automatic shooters
  • Manufacture of propellers. Design - Manufacture - Repair. Propellers, manufacture, shipyards, propeller manufacture, propulsion systems, propulsion, boats, shipyards, propeller repairs, propeller...
    Supplier of: Casting, steel | shipyards
  • Comercial de Fundiciones Galiport S.L.U. is a traditional small-scale manufacturer of exclusively-designed parts. They are products cast from noble materials, such as iron, aluminium, bronze, silver,...
    Supplier of: Artistic cast iron work | Foundries - copper, bronze and brass | Foundries, aluminium | trophies | bronze foundry
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  • IRAZINC, S.L. was set up recently to continue the tradition established by Fundiciones Irazu. This means that we have many years' experience in the manufacture and sale of zinc anodes for cathodic...
    Supplier of: Casting of special and high-grade steels | Cast iron, special grade | zinc
    Valladolid - SPAIN
    SAETA Die Casting is an aluminium high pressure die casting company, supplying completely finished aluminium products for different sectors: lighting, construction tools, office furniture, medical...
    Supplier of: aluminium casting | light alloy die-casting | aluminum high pressure die casting | Foundries, aluminium | aluminium diecasting
  • we are a procurement services firm in Spain specializing in varities of Iron Alloys, Furnitures Fittings & Equipment, Auto Spare Parts and several goods. Our clients come from diverse ethnic...
    Supplier of: cast iron bars | cast iron fittings | Iron alloys
  • Artistic lost wax casting and low temperature smelting of all types of non-ferrous metal.
    Supplier of: Artistic cast iron work | bronze sculpture
  • Manufacture of die cast parts with low carbon, medium and high alloy steel using moulding processes. Processes: flake casting, green sand casting and hand casting.
    Supplier of: Cast iron, special grade | Casting, steel | ferrous metal and alloy machining | steel and alloys | moulding
  • All types of wooden moulds for foundry work.
    Supplier of: Casting, steel | Moulds, foundry | Foundries - copper, bronze and brass | Foundries, aluminium
  • National and international trade in iron, scrap iron and metal. Scrap iron sheared for foundries. Cast iron. Industrial demolition. Swarf.
    Supplier of: cast iron foundry | Scrap iron - salvaging and recycling | Metals - recovery and recycling
  • Supplier of: subcontractor for casting | Lighting, domestic and accessories | Foundries - copper, bronze and brass | Foundries, aluminium | injection moulding
  • Supplier of: Stoves, cast iron | Fireplaces and stoves, ornamental and accessories | environment-friendly stoves | pellet heaters | wood fireplaces
  • Supplier of: cast iron for the automotive sector | Foundries - machinery and installations | plants and machinery for foundries | machine manufacturing | aluminium diecasting
  • Supplier of: plaster casts | Acoustic panels | plaster of paris plastering
  • Supplier of: Casting, steel | industrial labels | label dispensers | self-adhesive aluminium labels | thermo labels
  • Supplier of: Cast iron, special grade | Artistic cast iron work | cast iron | Religious articles | forging
  • Supplier of: precision casting | Foundries - copper, bronze and brass | Foundries, aluminium | light alloy foundries | aluminium foundries
  • Supplier of: sand casting | Foundries, aluminium | extranet
  • Supplier of: zamak die-casting | Costume jewellery | Jewellery and bijouterie | metal costume jewellery | silver-plated costume jewellery
  • Supplier of: Casting of special and high-grade steels | centrifugal casting | super alloys
  • Supplier of: cast iron | Foundries, aluminium | alloys | aluminium alloys | aluminium in bars
  • Supplier of: aluminium casting | Industrial maintenance
  • Supplier of: metal casting | lost wax investment casting | Vehicles - mechanical components and parts | vehicle accessories and supplies
  • Supplier of: finishing of die cast parts | Moulds, plastic and rubber industry
  • Supplier of: Cast iron, special grade
  • Supplier of: cast iron street furniture | Fountains, street and park | Benches, park | Playground equipment | plastic dustbins
  • Supplier of: cast iron valves | Cocks and valves | brass valves | suction cups
  • Supplier of: mazak cast items | Punching machines, plastic | Moulds, foundry | Moulds and patterns
  • Supplier of: cast parts deburred | Stamping - steels and metals | follow dies | transfer moulds
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