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  • IDUNA , is a producer of ‘cleaning and hygene systems’, which has been established in 1959 in Denmark, succesfully continuing its functions in the World’s 28 countries today, by providing its...
    Supplier of: Laundry detergents for household use | detergent manufacturer | hygiene and cleaning products | cleaning and maintenance products | liquid soaps
  • ...liquid soaps, shower gels, shampooings, liquid detergents, hand cremes, conditioners, surface cleaners, glass cleaners, air fresheners, paper napkins, paper towels and toilette papers for home and...
    Supplier of: detergent | Hygiene and beauty articles | wet wipes | cosmetic | sanitary paper
  • ...more than 50 countries with Matik machine powder detergent and hand wash powder detergent. WHY THE KEY MATIC DETERGENT IS MORE ECONOMICAL ? Also the detergents formulated as fortified for difficult spots tend to fade the...
    Supplier of: Laundry detergents for household use | Detergents and soaps - professional | detergents | detergent manufacturer | detergent suppli̇er
  • ENDEKS Cleaning and Cosmetics factory is one of leading factories with its techno- modern facility located in Istanbul, Turkey. Endeks Products is a specialist brand manufacturer of innovative...
    Supplier of: Detergents and soaps - professional | detergents | liquid soaps | air fresheners | washing powders
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    Istanbul - TURKEY
    Buck Avrasya has been established in 2004 for with the Turkish partnership and German Buck Chemie GmbH which manufactures cleaning products for many countries around the world, particularly Europe....
    Supplier of: Detergents, household | detergent | cleaning | sink | laundry
  • Supplier of: Laundry detergents for household use | detergents
  • Supplier of: detergents | Cosmetics | Chemicals - Basic Products & Derivatives | chemicals | perfumes
    Sinop - TURKEY
    Supplier of: Detergents, household | detergents | manufacturer of chemical products
  • since 1983 FROM A SOLE TRADER COMPANY - TO A EGE KIMYA SANAYII A.S. Ege Kimya Sanayii A.S of companies, is a limited liability company with its main headquarter in Turkey registered under the turkey...
    Supplier of: Fish, frozen and deep-frozen | Edible gelatine | Potatoes | Seafood, deep-frozen | dried fruit
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, We, “GREENO” Turkish company, would like to introduce you our new project, which is inspired by the desire to spread the culture of beauty, skin and hair care with natural...
    Supplier of: Detergents and soaps - professional | natural | olive oil | soap | luarel
  • UNICHEM is a detergent & clenaers manufacturer, located in Istanbul, Turkey. A) Industrial & Institutional groups: 1- Laundry Hygiene, 2- Kitchen Hygiene, 3- Building Care (housekeeping) Products 4- Personal Hygiene 5- Swimming...
    Supplier of: Detergents and soaps - professional | industrial detergents | Cleaning and maintenance products, industrial | floor cleaner | stain remover
  • Company Ses Kimya A.S. engaged in the production of detergents and cleaning products, cosmetics, road reagents.
    Supplier of: Detergents, household | detergents and soaps - professional | cleaning and maintenance products, household | cosmetics | hygiene and toilet products
  • We have gathered our 15 years experience and knowledge in the industry under the roof of AKBA Chemical. We, as AKBA Chemical, with the idea of lead the ways and innovations in Turkey, we have...
    Supplier of: Detergents and soaps - professional | aircraft cleaning prodcut | aircraft exterior clean | lavatory fluid blue juice | anti smell solution
  • We are Export Wholesaler’s of household detergents, toiletries / personal care, food and confectionery goods, we give service to our customers for the well known Turkish and International brand...
    Supplier of: Detergents, household | Cleaning and maintenance products, household | Confectionary | cleaning products | food export
  • A and Z Kurumsal is a private enterprise that provides service in export, construction and fresh food sectors with its different service approach, sales of professional corporate cleaning products. A...
    Supplier of: Detergents, household | chimney cleaning | carpet cleaning products | supplier | home cleaning agents
  • Cotton club family which has got production facilities in 3 different countries including Turkey was first established in 2000 in Moskow Russia. In the year 2006, Cotton Club Turkiye and Cotton Club...
    Supplier of: Detergents, household | household | personal care | hygiene | anti-bacterial
  • ...activity either industrial or domestic shelf products on detergent and cosmetic. However it aims to be a world wide brand name with it's export products of detergent and domestic cosmetics shelf.
    Supplier of: Detergents and soaps - professional | we produce cleaning and hygiene products | professional and shelf product lines | factory capacity is 3 thousand tons month in 12thou m2 | you can use our your labels or can create new brand
  • As Uzman Kimyasal Co., Ltd., We would like to introduce ourselves as a manufacturer and exporter of Liquid Cleaning Chemicals in Turkey. Our Company began to run business in 2012 and produced with...
    Supplier of: liquid detergents | Cleaning and maintenance products, household | cleaners | household window cleaners | bleaches
    Gaziantep - TURKEY
    HISTORY Since 1954, TAIBA Company has been producing olive oil using a process called 'Cold Process'. COMPANY Continuously, we kept producing olive oil using other methods in addition to Laurel Soap....
    Supplier of: Detergents and soaps - professional | aleppo soap | laurel | laurel soap | natural soap
  • Sabun Mutfagi (SOAP KITCHEN) has been producing %100 natural handmade soaps since 2010. We sell our products to local market and a lot of countries. Our soaps are made of edible raw materials. The...
    Supplier of: Detergents and soaps - professional | %100 natural soaps | virgin olive oil soaps | handmade soaps | baby soaps
  • BOSNALI is a wholesale supplier, exporter and manufacturer of Handmade Natural Luxury Soap. It bases in Aydin Turkey. All of its products including wholesale handmade soaps and other wholesale...
    Supplier of: Detergents and soaps - professional | herbal soaps | organic soaps | private label handmade soaps | glycerin handmade soaps
  • Viking Co. has started its business life in 1978 as Avci Chemicals on the 6 m2 area in Guzelyali, Izmir. The company became as Viking Cleaning Products Ltd. Co. in 1992. As a result of expansion in...
    Supplier of: Detergents, household | liquid detergents | liquid soap
  • We are a Turkish Company which produces all kind of cleaning products. In our product range there are items as shampoo, baby shampoo, body gel, liquid dish washing, liquid hand soap, window cleaner,...
    Supplier of: Detergents, household | cleaning | shampoo
  • ...of the group is called Kale Kimya AS and now it is composed of five companies and continues its activities in Cosmetics, Detergent, Pharmaceutical, Food, Textile, Adhesives, Metal and Pool chemicals.
    Supplier of: detergent chemicals | Skin-care products | cosmetic chemicals
  • diapers NIXI BABY, ladies napkins NIXI LADY, and high quolity and uniq liquid detergents NIX. we sells al around the world. from Mexico to Japan . looking for real prtners in you countries.
    Supplier of: Detergents, household | baby diapers | sanitary napkins
  • We are the exporters of Turkish Ready Garment . We sell more than 100 manufacturer all around the Turkey .Suzan Company is located in Adana TURKIYE and member of Adana Chamber of Commerce and...
    Supplier of: Detergents and soaps - professional | Laundry detergents for household use | wipes
  • Primo is the leading private label bodycare, babycare, healtycare, household cleaning and care products manufacturing and private label bottling and packaging company. We are manufacturing the liquid...
    Supplier of: Detergents and soaps - professional | personal care and hygiene products
    Istanbul - TURKEY
    We are produce 100% natural handmade organic soaps in our factory. We are using real fruits and flowers in our products, no artificial flavor and pigment.specificationsone piece/ 100...
    Supplier of: Detergents and soaps - professional | natural handmade organik soap
  • Supplier of: Laundry detergents for household use
  • Supplier of: fragrant compositions for detergents | Fashion design | Textile - import-export | blouses | men's knit shirts
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