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  • Based in the center of Europe, Ukraine, have been producing high standard precision metalwork engineering including CNC, milling, turning, machining for ten years across a wide range of clients. We...
    Supplier of: Cutting - steels and metals | precision turning | 5-axis milling | metal milling | industrial plant manufacture
  • JSC “The plant “Fregat” is one of the biggest producers of agricultural equipment, food industry and processing industry equipment, ship-machine building products and hydraulic, manufacturing...
    Supplier of: die casting | Agricultural machines and accessories | agricultural machinery and equipment | irrigation machines | metal processing
  • NIKOPOL TOOLING PLANT PJSC is a leading supplier of product for industrial enterprises in Ukraine. Our plant is a self-sufficient metallurgy complex consisting of independent business units: Foundry...
    Supplier of: castings | Finished Metal Products | machining | forgings | forged
  • Dnipropetrovsk electrical and mechanical plant LLC is focused on producing part series of a vast range of materials (carbon, stainless, heat resistant, nonferrous steels and cast iron) with specified...
    Supplier of: casting | Structures, aluminium | metalworking | rubber metal | agricultural
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  • VAASVEE has full cycle of metal processing. We produce sophisticated equipment for mining and metallurgical companies. Open area - 45000 sq.m, workshops and warehouses area - 18000 sq.m. 300 units of...
    Supplier of: casting | Steels and metals - machining | machinery and equipment for the mining industry | metal processing | booms and pedestals
    Dnepropetrovsk - UKRAINE
    JSC “Promarmatura”, Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine) specializes in manufacturing and complete deliveries of industrial pipeline valves as well as deliveries of equipment. At present “Promarmatura”, JSC has...
    Supplier of: casting | Industrial valves, operating equipment | valve
  • Supplier of: Cast iron items | Casting, steel | casting | contract manufacturing of cast iron castings | Iron, special grade and pig iron
  • Production of graphite products and other industrial materials. Realization of high-quality raw materials and finished products on the territory of Ukraine and abroad. Work on full or partial...
    Supplier of: cast spheroid graphite iron | Carbon and graphite - electrical components | Lubricants, graphite | Steel, carbon | graphite
  • “Termolit” LTD more than 20 years manufactures induction equipment for heating and melting metal. The quality product of “Termolit” LTD is confirmed by the CE certificates. Component parts are...
    Supplier of: metal casting | Induction heating systems | frequency converters | induction hardening | systems and machinery for heat treating metals
  • The full-cycle foundry-mechanical enterprise Dniprovsky Plant of Technological Equipment (DPPE LTD) specializes in the manufacture of a wide range of steel, cast iron casting of various grades and...
    Supplier of: Casting, steel | cast iron foundry | metalworking | machining | metal structures
  • We are manufacturers of Cast Iron Products namely manhole covers, gratings, rollers, links of casting machines, valves, molds, screws, furnance bars, wheels, multicyclones, bucket teeth, excavator...
    Supplier of: Cast iron, special grade | steel casting | iron casting | cast iron foundry | foundry
  • «ADM» LLC - is a specialized metallurgic factory. Throughout 18 years of operating in sphere of selling of aluminum alloys and casting we have captured strong market positions. Our company has very...
    Supplier of: aluminium casting | Foundries, aluminium | aluminium alloys | aluminium processing | aluminium recycling
  • "Metalyt" company produces castings weighing from 0.5 to 55 kg of gray GG20-GG25 and ductile iron GGG50 to GGG60 with minimal machining allowance of 1.6 - 2.2 mm with using automated equipment...
    Supplier of: Cast iron, special grade | sferoid iron casting | contract manufacturing of cast iron castings | grey iron casting | ductile cast iron
  • The company gives you the opportunity to supply castings from Ukrainian foundries, that are ISO-9001 certified. We will provide an enterprise that fully meets your requirements for price and quality...
    Supplier of: Stoves, cast iron | iron castings | steel castings | aluminium castings | zn castings
    Lviv - UKRAINE
    Palmet LLC is a company which specializes in manufacturing of precision products made of plastics and Zamak (ZnAl) alloys, intended mainly for the furniture industry. It’s 600 m² manufacturing site...
    Supplier of: plastics injection moulding and zamak die-casting | Hardware for furniture | plastic furniture hardware made of abs ps pvc | metal furniture hardware made of zamak5 | surface finishing and decorative coating
  • Design of Dies and Molds. Manufacturing of Dies and Molds. Modern equipment and sufficient resources are implemented into the production of any complexity in the shortest possible time. Having our...
    Supplier of: Die casting moulds | dies and moulds | molds
  • Variant Metal Industry offers the following products in any sizes: 1)blanks 2)sheets 3)narrow slit coil4)baby coils5)full width coil6) discs7) resusables
    Supplier of: Casting of special and high-grade steels | metal pipes and tubing for construction work | iron sheet processing
  • Supplier of: Die casting moulds
  • Supplier of: Cast iron items | cast iron ingots | cast iron | cast-steel | Stainless steels
  • Supplier of: Casting, steel | chill-cast | Foundries, aluminium | aluminium foundries | foundry
  • Supplier of: Casting of special and high-grade steels | Cast iron items | Moulds, foundry | Pipe and tube fittings - ferrous metal | Steels and metals - machining
  • Supplier of: fittings made of ductile cast iron | Pipe and tube fittings - non-ferrous metal | piping accessories | clack valve | valves
  • Supplier of: Die casting moulds | mould design and construction | diecasting
    Boryslav - UKRAINE
    Supplier of: Cast iron items
    Melitopol - UKRAINE
    Supplier of: Cast iron items | pressurized aluminium casting | Foundries, aluminium | aluminium foundries | light alloy foundries
  • Supplier of: Casting of special and high-grade steels
    Kyiv - UKRAINE
    Supplier of: cast iron | Iron, steel and metallurgy - import-export | ferromanganese
  • Supplier of: Die casting moulds
  • Supplier of: cast iron | Carbon and graphite - electrical components | steel mills
  • Supplier of: Cast iron items | grey cast iron | foundry products
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