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  • Haas Automation is the most productive machine tool builder in the western world. Haas Automation builds 60 of its CNC machines every day -14.000 per year- in its 102.000m² manufacturing facility in...
    Supplier of: Machine tools - metal machining | Cutting - machine tools | Machine tools - metal shaping | Steels and metals - machining | Turning - steels and metals
    Cincinnati - UNITED STATES
    Supplier of: Cutting - machine tools | Industrial cutting machine tools | Paper cutting - machinery and equipment | Textile cutting machinery | Cutting, plastics - machinery
  • ...ENGRAVING TECHNOLOGIES CO is in the micro-machining business of CNC diamond turning, milling, drilling & fly-cutting unusually (big sized and heavy) cylinders used to either extrude/emboss/cast/calendar plastic-polymer...
    Supplier of: Moulds, precision | cnc processing | moulds for plastic materials | moulds and patterns | lenticular cylinder engraving
  • diamond tools for ultra-precision machining. Controlled waviness tools can have peak to valley waviness of 0.50um, 0.25um, 0.10um or smaller! Re-sharpening tools - we accept ALL manufacturers for relapping (re-sharpening) and if required...
    Supplier of: Diamond tools | precision diamond cutting | custom made single crystal diamond tools | choice of types tools for milling and turning applications
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  • ...medical blades and precision wear parts and tools. At its high end facilities and with an experience in the cutting tool field for more than 35 years, Baucor has become one of the most demanded industrial knife blade and...
    Supplier of: Blades and knives, industrial | industrial blades | machine knives | medical knives | surgical blades
  • The LaserSharp® digital converting equipment was specifically designed by LasX Industries, Inc. for applications requiring laser processing. LaserSharp® was developed for high-speed on-demand...
    Supplier of: Laser - cutting and welding machines | laser cutting machine | laser cutting services
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