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  • Klingspor is an internationally organised, efficient, and innovative family company involved in the business of tools for surface treatment and shaping by means of abrasion. The main business areas...
    Supplier of: Abrasive discs | abrasive sheets | abrasives | flexible abrasives | small abrasive mop
  • We manufacture and process, for our brand and for third parties, abrasives and related complementary products. Our products are known for durability and toughness. Can be used to fold, cut, polish,...
    Supplier of: Abrasive discs | Abrasives, mechanical | abrasive sheets | abrasive tapes | abrasives for metal
  • Our group is specialised in the manufacture of abrasive disks and plugs, lamellar wheels and disks, ventilated wheels: a wide range of products for various different applications, in particular in...
    Supplier of: Abrasives, mechanical | Abrasive discs | abrasive sheets | abrasive wheels | abrasives for metal
  • Supplier of: Abrasives, mechanical | abrasive sheets | abrasives | abrasive tapes | lamellar disks
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  • Supplier of: Abrasives, mechanical | abrasive sheets | abrasive wheels | abrasive papers | diamond disks
  • Supplier of: abrasive sheets | Paints and varnishes | industrial lacquers | polyester resins | pneumatic tools
  • Supplier of: Abrasive discs | Abrasives, mechanical | abrasive sheets | wood polishers | milling
    Gdynia - POLAND
    Supplier of: abrasive sheets | Retail stores | electrodes
  • As a family-run company now in its fourth generation, we have been a leading manufacturer of grinding, deburring, polishing and brushing tools as well as contact discs and contact rollers for more...
    Supplier of: Abrasive discs | abrasives | abrasive tapes | deburring abrasive discs | deburring abrasive segments
  • ...shaft, abrasives Jumb rolls, belts, sheets etc. Through more than 10 years of technical innovation, successful research and development, we build the production lines for fiberglass backing pads, flap disc and flap wheels.Based on...
    Supplier of: Abrasive discs | abrasives discs | fiberglass backing plates | flap disc | flap wheels
  • ...• Insertion Sheets • High Abrasion Sheets • Nitrile Rubber Sheets • Fine Ribbed Rubber Sheets • Fine Ribbed Rubber Sheets • FR Rubber Sheets • High Voltage Insulation Sheets • Silicone sheets • ESD Double Layer Sheets • General Purpose...
    Supplier of: anti-abrasive rubber sheet | Rubber - technical items for industry | rubber door mats | epdm | anti fatigue mats
  • ...S.p.A. is at the forefront of flexible abrasive manufacturing for polishing surfaces. Nastroflex S.p.A. is aimed at various industrial sectors, such as: mechanical industry, weaving, glass, cotto, ceramic, wood, furnishings, tannery...
    Supplier of: sheet and roll abrasives | flexible abrasives | rigid and flexible abrasives | abrasives for metal | Shotblasting materials
  • For 40 years STAPPERT has been a group leader for stocks and distribution of stainless steel products. Our range of 15, 000 articles includes: Stainless steel tubes 1.4301 304L 1.4404 316L 1.4571...
    Supplier of: anti-abrasion sheet metal | Steel | Stainless steels | Pipes and tubes, stainless steel | Import-export - steels and metals
  • Around 60 years ago, Manfred Rhodius set off in the VW bus he had converted into a mobile workshop to try out his newly-developed cutting discs in local factories and workshops. He brought with him...
    Supplier of: Abrasive discs | abrasives | cutting blades | diamond disks | polishing powder
  • Manufacture of abrasive fabric. Satin finishing wheels, abrasive rollers. Conversion of abrasive fabric.
    Supplier of: Abrasives, mechanical | sheet and roll abrasives | abrasive wheels | flexible abrasives | abrasives for wood
  • Supplier of: Abrasive discs | Abrasives, mechanical | sheet and roll abrasives | abrasives for metal | adhesives for wood
  • Supplier of: sheet and roll abrasives | Sound systems - hi-fi and stereo | Stepladders | painting accessories | aluminium parchment paper
  • Supplier of: Abrasive discs | Abrasives, mechanical | sheet and roll abrasives
  • Supplier of: Abrasives, mechanical | sheet and roll abrasives | diamond disks
    La Marsa - TUNISIA
    Supplier of: sheet and roll abrasives | Playing cards | cutting unsafe trees | washing machine and dishwasher nozzles
    Nieporet - POLAND
    Supplier of: sheet and roll abrasives | Creative leisure activities - Articles
  • Supplier of: Abrasives, mechanical | sheet and roll abrasives | abrasive tapes | abrasive wheels | rolls of emery cloth or paper
  • .../ARMOX/, tool /TOOLOX/, metal cold-rolled strong sheets /DOCOL/, produced using high-quality Swedish technology. Since 2000, the company has successfully operated in the production of spare parts, and since...
    Supplier of: Forming - steels and metals | steel-making consultiants | drilling | welding | plasma cutting
  • We are a German manufacturer of spring balancers and zero-gravity balancers. As the proud inventor of the spring balancer, we have a long-standing history stretching back to the 19th century. We are...
    Supplier of: Lifting equipment - accessories | wire ropes | overhead equipment | pneumatic equipment | fitting accessories
  • ...for pipes High carbon steel High strength steel QUARD® High Strength steel (abrasion resistant steel) QUEND® (very high strength steel) Tool steel Ingots and forged blocks Square-section bars Forged ingots
    Supplier of: abrasion-resistant steel | Steel, special | Steel & Metals | Steel, carbon | steel in ingots
  • ...sheet for chemical, food, medical and abrasive media. The main range: parts for ventilation systems, radial fans, laboratory fans, gas washers, scrubbers, absorbers, galvanic equipment, laboratory...
    Supplier of: Plastic products for engineering | Ventilators and fans - industrial | Air treatment - equipment and systems | chemical hoods | plastic pipes for air ducts
  • ...and work hardening manganese steel plates, sheets and profiles. Stocked steel grades: RAEX 400, RAEX 500, XAR300, XAR400, XAR500, BRINAR 400, AR400, S690QL/QL1, Optim 700 MC, Strenx, Dillimax 690, CORTEN weather...
    Supplier of: Steel sheets and strips | wear-resistant steel | manganese steel | corten steel | structural steels
  • ...compressors, ladders, scaffolding, paint, wooden sheets and flooring.Are you looking for the perfect partner to supply work clothes, protective and safety equipment in Brussels and Brabant Wallon? Visit one...
    Supplier of: Fasteners, metal | Paints and varnishes | Hardware, building construction | screws | building chemicals
  • ...accessories. ESQUIM: Silicone elastomers. MIRKA: Abrasives. RESOLTECH: Epoxy resin. GENERAL PNEUMATIC: Pneumatic tools FOMICON: FROTH PAK® ready-to-use PU foam kit. RAMPF: Machinable boards and cast...
    Supplier of: Polyester | gelcoat | accessories for composite moulds | glass fibres | composite materials with resins
  • ...and tear. In all industries where wear factors: abrasive, impact, corrosive, chemical, etc., or a combination of several types of wear, affecting the service life of parts, assemblies and metal structures are...
    Supplier of: Casting of special and high-grade steels | wear parts | wearparts | wear products | mining and quarry services
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