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  • Virgis Filter is the leading manufacturer of air filters, cartridge filters and small capital goods approved of and used for the initial equipment of the major motor, compressor, generating set,...
    Supplier of: air conditioning filters | air intake filters for air conditioning compressors | compressed air filters | filters for air purification systems | vehicle air filters
  • Supplier of: air conditioning filters | Filtering equipment and supplies | absolute filters | pocket filters | painting chamber filters
    San Felice Del Benaco - ITALY
    Supplier of: air conditioning filters | Filtering equipment and supplies
  • FRAD produces air filters, oil and fuel filters for all types of IC engines for cars, buses, trucks, locomotives, ships, agricultural and construction machinery and so on. The program includes filters for air conditioning of the above vehicles...
    Supplier of: air filters | Filters for cars, lorries and construction machinery | Oil filters | Gas filters | fuel filters
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  • ...the compressor market, we offer air filters, oil filters, separators, alternative OEM maintenance service kits, compressed air filters and line elements. We also have an extensive OEM filter cross-reference parts database for...
    Supplier of: air filters | Filters for cars, lorries and construction machinery | filters and filtration systems | spare parts for compressors | oil filters
    Ankara - TURKEY
    ...brand SCTURBO in 2006. Our company produces: • Air Filters, • Oil Filters, • Fuel Filters, • Hydraulic Filters, • Pollen Filters, • Water Filters, • Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Laser Cutting Filter Units, • Industrial Type Spray Booths, Shot...
    Supplier of: air conditioning system filters | air filters | Filters for cars, lorries and construction machinery | filters for hydraulics | oil filter
    Chorzów - POLAND
    Qfiltr - manufacturer of air filters Qfiltr is a professional company which specializes in the production of high-quality air filters. We recommend filters used for air-conditioning ventilation, filters used in varnish industry and various...
    Supplier of: Filters for cars, lorries and construction machinery | pocket filters | carbon filters | nonwoven filter fabric | absolute filters - hepa
  • mirror, accelerator pedal, filter, air condition, air pipe, seat, fuel tank, arm rest etc..We have rich experience on making molds for for automotive parts, like plastic injection molds, two...
    Supplier of: Injection moulding of rubber and plastic | plastic injection moulds | automotive moulds
  • ...& Manifold Gauge Set & Filter Drier) & Air-conditioning (Service Tap & Service Valve & Service Tools & Copper Tube) & HVAC parts & A/C parts &Water heating Fittings(Brass Fitting & Mini Ball Valve&...
    Supplier of: Refrigerants | refrigeration parts | copper tube
  • ...worldwide since 1975. It also produces cabin air filters, dust filters, filters, filter media, filter fleeces, compact filters, air filters, air filters for gas turbines, air filters for air-conditioning systems, air filters for dust...
    Supplier of: air conditioning system filters | Filters for cars, lorries and construction machinery | Air filtration equipment | Air purification - equipment and systems | filters for motor vehicles
  • Interior renovations including masonry and fitting gas, water, electricity and air conditioning installations. Air conditioning. Filters and osmosis units.
    Supplier of: Restoration and renovation - contractors | minor building jobs
  • Over the decades, Porex Corporation has proven that they deserve their position as a market leader in the development, manufacture and innovation of porous plastics. We are proud that over the years,...
    Supplier of: compressed air filters | air filters | air filters for combustion engines | auto air-conditioning systems | Filters, liquid
  • With our long experience and collaboration with highly specialist suppliers, we supply innovative and certified products to the Italian and international markets for users who are permanently on the...
    Supplier of: filters for air conditioning units | filters for air cleaning systems | air cleaning filter assistance | air filters for gas systems | Air treatment - equipment and systems
  • Throughout the world, Rittal is a leading global provider of solutions for industrial enclosures, power distribution, climate control and IT infrastructure, as well as software and services. The...
    Supplier of: air-conditioning | Control boxes - electric | cases for the electrical industry | electric command and control panels | server cabinets
  • We produce a metal constructions for various industries. Our main competency is manual and automated welding of steel, welding of stainless steel and welding of aluminum. Our manufacturing is assured...
    Supplier of: Metal construction, lightweight | Welding work - steels and metal | Tanks, metal | robotised welding | aluminium welding
  • Our History Fitex is a Greek manufacturing company in the chemical cleaning business. The aim of the company is consolidating as a dynamic and reliable partner in the Greek market. Achieving this is...
    Supplier of: Cleaning and maintenance products, industrial | mosaic cleaning | mould cleaning | cleaning products | tiles cleaner
  • Bosfilter is engaged in the production, sale and repair of all types of filters. Our goal is to provide customers with the highest quality filters and service. We have technology that is tailored to...
    Supplier of: air filters | Filters for cars, lorries and construction machinery | fuel filters | oil filters | vehicle oil filters
  • More than 10 years of development & technology experience ! For over 10 year RMF I.P. designs, manufactures and markets highly efficient oil filtration products. Our products support governments,...
    Supplier of: air conditioning system filters | Hydraulics systems | industrial oil filtering services | hydraulic filters | filters and filtration systems
  • Isofilter offers a large range of filter solutions to suit all applications and levels of filtration quality requirements. Clean, breathable air is increasingly indispensable in all environments...
    Supplier of: air intake filters for air conditioning compressors | Air filtration equipment | Filters, liquid | activated carbons filters
  • Hygiene; Air-conditioning systems; Air-conditioning systems (cryogenic systems); Air-conditioning systems (air technology systems); Air-conditioning systems for hospitals
    Supplier of: Heating and air conditioning - works | air conditioning system filters | air conditioning systems | Clean room systems and processes | air conditioning systems for sterile rooms
  • Supplier of: air conditioning system filters | air filters | Filtering glass | air filtration system | pocket filters
  • Supplier of: air intake filters for air conditioning compressors | Air compressors | compressors | dehumidification systems | screw compressors
  • Supplier of: Air conditioning equipment | air conditioning system filters | Cocks and valves | wholesale air conditioners
  • Supplier of: air intake filters for air conditioning compressors | Compressed air tools and systems | compressor units
  • ...application are dust removal, supply and exhaust air filtration, air-conditioning systems, flue gas separation, demisters, oil and emulsion mist collectors and grease filters, as well as baffle plates and flame protection...
    Supplier of: Steel wool | Wire mesh | filtering cartridges | drop separators | filters for motor vehicles
  • Shinwa is a wholly owned subsidiary of JVCKENWOOD Corporation ("JVCKENWOOD"), with wide geographical sales channels, we specialize in the production of lens, WiFi / Bluetooth module, Battery...
    Supplier of: Cars - electrical and electronic parts and components | factory automation | electronic equipment | lens module | bluetooth module
  • ...and bronze fittings, filters, flanges, welding elbows, gas stoves and air conditioners. It imports mono split, dual split and triple split air-conditioning systems, dehumidifiers and convectors.
    Supplier of: Pipe and tube fittings - non-ferrous metal | small plumbing parts | copper fittings | zinc plated unions | brass rings
  • ...pricing and generous warranties. Elbat invested in one of the most effective state of the art anti-pollution equipment for water and air with a large capacity to filter impurities and harmful junctions.
    Supplier of: Accumulators and batteries | battery | starter batteries for all kind of vehicles | lead acid battery | production of lead acid batteries
  • ...of a full heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. The dampers are manufactured to specification with multi leaf, non return, single blade, smoke, fire butterfly and volume control dampers all options.On top of these AJS can...
    Supplier of: Heating and air conditioning - works | hvac | ducting | air conditoning | access doors
  • ..., air humidification in air conditioning systems , gas cleaning in chemical and environmental engineering installations , disinfection , dust suppression , coal dust control at transfer points , humidification of...
    Supplier of: Hoses, pipes and tubes - plastic | pipe extruders | pipe extrusion | pipe cooling tank
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