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aluminium alloy casting - Import export


  • From the beginning, a fascination with the material aluminium marked the development history of Emil Turck GmbH & CIE. KG. The company was founded by Ewald Turck and his son Emil Turck on 5th May...
    Supplier of: aluminium alloy casting | aluminium die-casting | Shearing - steels and metals | Die casting moulds | Steel & Metal Transformation
  • ...moulding, IMR, aluminum alloy die casting, magnesium alloy die casting, secondary machining, printing, painting and powder coating. The plastic injection moulding factory and aluminium die casting factory are in Dongguan. And the...
    Supplier of: aluminium alloy die casting | aluminium die casting | aluminium die casting factory | Die casting moulds | overmoulding
  • ...of pressure and chill castings, aluminium casting alloys and deoxidizers in the form of: ingots, granules, pyramids and hemispheres. PPM Domet offers: mould project, trimming tools and dies, permanent moulds and the treatment of...
    Supplier of: aluminium casting alloys | Die casting moulds | impression mould | chill castings | pressure castings
  • The Schaltbau GmbH Group stands for connectors, snap-action switches, contactors, railway components and complete cab equipment that meet the highest safety standards. Our products are used worldwide...
    Supplier of: Connectors, electronic | Forklift trucks | jack outlets | microswitches | industry
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  • ...foundry specialising in aluminium alloy shell-casting, primarily magnesium types. We manufacture your aluminium parts with you. Aluminium parts design, part prototypes in aluminium and surface treatment of...
    Supplier of: chill-cast aluminium | aluminium casting | aluminium casting | cast aluminium | cast anodisable aluminium
  • ...includes copper alloys (bronze, brass, aluminium-bronze, copper-nickel and pure copper), stainless steels (duplex, austenitic, martensitic, ferritic, heat-resistant steels and nickel-based alloys) and aluminiums. We cast and machine revolving annular...
    Supplier of: Foundries - copper, bronze and brass | Casting of special and high-grade steels | aluminium foundries | stainless steel metalwork | forging metals
  • ...has specialized in aluminium pressure casting using leading edge technologies and instruments. The company provides melting and aluminium and light alloy pressure casting services, aluminium and light...
    Supplier of: aluminium die-casting | light alloy die-casting | Foundries, aluminium | metal moulding | sandblasting
  • Our company carries out electrode, arc, resistance and continuous filament welding on aluminium, cast iron, alloys stainless steel, iron, etc.
    Supplier of: Electron beam welding - equipment | made-to-measure dilation compensators | dilation compensators | industrial silencers | flexible hoses for exhaust gas
  • ...its potential in the field of aluminium alloy shell casting: we have automatic and semi-automatic shell casting machinery with mould clamping mechanisms of 600 x 300 to 1100 x 800 mm, with 6...
    Supplier of: Foundries, aluminium | precision casting | aluminium foundries | foundry | shell mold casting
  • ...die-cast parts from magnesium alloys, aluminium alloys and on contract in our foundries in the Czech Republic, China and Switzerland. Aluminium die casting, aluminium casting, aluminium parts, die casting, mould-making, aluminium foundry, light metal casting,...
    Supplier of: Aluminium and aluminium alloys | light alloy die-casting | Foundries, aluminium | magnesium casting | pressure moulding
  • Continuous casting and centrifugal casting foundry in all copper casting and aluminium cast alloys in accordance with DIN EN 1982 and DIN EN 1706, non-ferrous metals.
    Supplier of: Aluminium and aluminium alloys | Foundries - copper, bronze and brass | Copper and copper alloys | Pipes and tubes, copper | sheet metal
  • Manufacturer of large aluminium castings, alloys, medical equipment castings, cryogenic items and silicon iron anodes for cathodic protection, with a worldwide customer base.ISO 9000 certified, Specialist Castings is the only manufacturer of tubular anodes that...
    Supplier of: large aluminium castings | alloy castings | Foundries, aluminium | silicon iron anodes | medical equipment castings
  • fasteners, couplings, screws, pins, steel nails, shaft, flange ... ----Stamping and welding parts , ----Non-ferrous metals die casting products (aluminium & zinc alloy)、Gravity Casting 、sand casting ...
    Supplier of: Studs and bolts, fastening | contract cnc manufacturing and machining | metallic stamping and welding product
  • Impol produces aluminium and aluminium-alloy products by casting, rolling, extruding, and drawing. The Company markets aluminium products globally, and accordingly sells on dispersed markets.
    Supplier of: Aluminium and aluminium alloys | Foundries, aluminium | aluminium foundries
    Shenzhen - CHINA
    Our business area from R&D, prototype, plastic mould, die-casting mould, double material mould, phenolic mould, die-casting moulding, aluminium alloy and zinc alloy die casting.
    Supplier of: Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | plastic moulding | pitcher pump
    Humen Town,dong Guan City - CHINA、Medical equipment、Lightings and so on.) 4.Aluminium alloy casting、zinc alloy casting、stainless steel casting and other hardware products and accessories in industry and household.
    Supplier of: Coffee and tea | coffee filter cup k cup filter plastic tray | metal etching and stamping
  • ...– precision mould manufacturing, it provides series of parts such as assembly plastic molded parts, zinc, aluminium alloy die-casting parts, machining parts, etc, which are then assembled i
    Supplier of: Plastics - household products
  • ...have more than 10 years experience for researching and manufacturing ZINC & ALUMINIUM ALLOY & MAGNESIUM die-casting parts, Hardware (metal parts), Screws (bolts), Glasses and some fittings for lamps.
    Supplier of: Lighting, domestic and accessories
  • ...molding.If you want making aluminum castings, pls feel free contact us.Materials: casting aluminium, cast zinc & alloy Finish treating: Shot Blast , chrome plating, Painting, nickel plating, Powder Coating, dark anodize, etc.
    Supplier of: die casting | Die casting moulds | aluminum casting | aluminum die casting | zinc die casting
  • Alcast a.s. is producer of casts from aluminium alloys made via high pressure die-casting process for automotive, electrotechnical and other industry and moulds and trimming tools for die casting from...
    Supplier of: high pressure aluminium die casting | aluminium casts | Foundries, aluminium | toolroom | slovakia
  • ...dies for die-casting, metal heat treatment at Brescia, heat treatment on brass, heat treatment on aluminium alloys, hot aluminium casting, steel dies for cold machining, steel dies for hot machining.
    Supplier of: Steels and metals - machining | Heat treatment of steels and metals | heat treatment | annealing of metals | steel tempering
  • Manufacturer of moulded aluminium alloy parts, parts using sand casting and low pressure die casting. Low pressure aluminium die casting. Mechanical sand casting. Manufacturer of moulded parts by sand casting, low...
    Supplier of: Foundries, aluminium
  • ...dumbbells, strenth machines, accessories and so on; b. aluminium alloy die casitng, sand casting, gravity casting, parts for heavy duty engine; c. international trading service, consulting and agency in China
    Supplier of: light alloy die-casting | Foundries, aluminium | grey cast iron
  • P.F.B. has been involved in the aluminium pressure moulding business for over 30 years. Its permanent technological modernisation has enabled the company to produce complete die casting systems that...
    Supplier of: aluminium casting | light alloy die-casting | aluminium die-casting | aluminium | Foundries, aluminium
  • EUROBALT ENGINEERING MANUFACTURING METHODS AND PARTS/TECHNOLOGIES Our group is a supplier of metal parts, produced by various technologies inhouse by our facilities at our JV. As a die casting...
    Supplier of: aluminium die-casting | light alloy die-casting | aluminium die casting | Mechanical engineering - custom work | Sintering - steels and metals
  • Die-cast metals, aluminium and metal foundry, die-cast aluminium and zamak parts. Slicing, thread cutting, brightening, deburring, shotblasting, tumble polishing, assembly and automatic lathe work...
    Supplier of: Aluminium and aluminium alloys | aluminium die-casting | light alloy die-casting | Foundries, aluminium | Die casting moulds
  • Pavinato was founded in Thiene in 1947 by Antonio Pavinato. We manufacture moulded aluminium and zamak parts for third parties, using moulds provided by the client. We work for companies in different...
    Supplier of: aluminium alloys | aluminium die-casting | aluminium | Foundries, aluminium | zamak die-casting
  • Specialising in the moulding and fusion of special aluminium and bronze alloys, our company, based in Poggibonsi, offers an artisan approach to production whilst using modern equipment. Resolutely...
    Supplier of: aluminium die-casting | light alloy die-casting | Foundries - copper, bronze and brass | Die casting moulds | Foundries, aluminium
  • A cutting-edge company producing bathroom taps, siphons and accessories, Prandelli Pressofusioni Srl stands apart from its competitors thanks to its high-tech installations, the care taken in its...
    Supplier of: light alloy die-casting | aluminium die-casting | Foundries, aluminium | foundry | zamak die-casting
  • La Spada has been working in the die casting business for over 30 years. We can handle parts from a minimum of 5 grams to a maximum of 6 kilos. We draft quotes for making moulds or parts. We design...
    Supplier of: light alloy die-casting | aluminium die-casting | Foundries, aluminium | pressure moulding | mould for casting
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